Thursday, November 25, 2010

Youthful Energy

Help! Foster mama! She's eatin mah head!

Healthy young dogs are like healthy young kids – full of energy, exuberance and silliness that can make you laugh out loud - or get downright exhausting and annoying. And that is our Lucy – full of energy, exuberance and silliness…and exhausting and downright annoying at times!

Silly Lucy loves the snow. Have I mentioned how much she loves the snow? We had another dump of the powdery white stuff last night and it is still coming down in soft fine flakes that show no signs of stopping. Lucy trotted to the back door this morning, as usual. Then she stood completely still on the back porch as she took in the scene before her and processed it in her two or three year old adolescent dog mind. And like a child getting their first glimpse of the presents around the tree on Christmas morning, Lucy was off – bounding and leaping and jumping and barking and twirling and ....I swear.....laughing with glee.

Silly Lucy! Poor Sadie and Charley, who had also gone outside to do their morning business, were subsequently knocked right off their feet by the Whirling Dervish. I distracted Lucy long enough for the older girls to do their job, then shepherded them back into the house where I grabbed the Flying Squirrel (a durable Frisbee-type toy) and headed back out with Lucy.

For the next hour, Lucy jumped and twirled and chased and even retrieved (we’re working on fetch and drop, and she is showing signs of understanding), until I accidentally tossed the Squirrel over the neighbour’s fence. Oops.

Lucy learning fetch

That still wasn’t enough for Lively Leaping Lucy, but it was enough for me, so in we came. Lucy decided since the older dogs wouldn’t play with her, she would try the cat. I was sitting at my computer when I heard strange scratching sounds from the dining room. I thought perhaps Lucy had stolen a loaf of bread from the kitchen counter, so I snuck down the hallway to have a look. There is Lucy, in a perfectly executed play-bow with her head low and her rump up in the air, making short little hops on the carpet as she tries to entice a very baffled cat into a game of Chase Me or Kissy Face. Darn, I should have grabbed the camera!

With snow still falling on the roads, the errands I had planned got put on hold. Lucy and I played some more Flying Squirrel, worked a bit on her manners, and just puttered around doing not much of anything for the rest of the day. At least, I did not much of anything. Lucy, I’m sure, spent the day scheming. She has taken over my chair, she has figured out how to get Sadie off the couch when she wants it, she knows how to filch stuff from the counter, she’s figured out how to de-stuff cat toys, and she has obviously gotten in touch with her inner-pup.

WTF? Some people put cookies on their dogs' noses. My foster mama puts snow on it!

I think we need Else’s dog Tess to come back over – they played together the other day and after Tess left, Lucy slept for hours! They sure know how to play.

In these first shots, they remind me of two silly little girls with the giggles:

And then they decide to wrestle:

Lastly, they trot over for a talk with Sadie:

Wanna wrestle with us?



Anonymous said...

They sure did have a good time and will have to have a re match.
Tess also come home and crashed.


Anonymous said...

In those first 3 it look like Lucy has just told Tess a great joke and she is breaking into pearl of laughter.