Thursday, July 28, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Scotch and Soda piglets!

Can the Scotch and Soda piglets I fostered for almost two years for Hearts On Noses Sanctuary really be NINE years old today??? 

Happy birthday, Whisper, Rob Roy, Tom, Lizzie, Derby, Toddy, Swizzle, Fizzy, Rickey, and Spritzer! 

It seems like just yesterday I was welcoming these little guys and gal into the world, and now they are seniors. That means that Scotch and Soda are probably around 13 or more, as they were fully grown when they came into our care, just weeks before the babies arrived, the result of a cruelty seizure. May they all have many more happy, happy years.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh Canada!

As has been my tradition for the past several years, I pay tribute to my country on this her 149th birthday by sharing some some of my favourite images from the past twelve months. Copyright to all photos is held by the author of this blog;  do not copy images without permission.  Sharing the link via facebook or other social media is permitted. Enjoy!

Oh Canada!

our home and native land,

True patriot love

in all of us, in every single one of us, command.

No matter who we are or where we, or our ancestors, come from,

may we all be proud of this country in which we live.

And no matter where we live or work, 

In rural communities, 

By the ocean or mountains,

Or in urban centres, 

May we celebrate your natural beauty, oh Canada!

From sunrise, 

To sunset, 

Through the dark of night, 

And the light of day,

In rain, 

And in sun,

In forests, 

And on beaches, 

whether rugged coast, 

or sandy shore,

High in the mountains

or down in the valleys, 

on trails through  your tapestry of  natural parks and protected lands, Oh Canada, 

The beauty of your trees and flowers

Of animals and birds and butterflies, 

Of creeks and lakes and marsh and field

Never fails to astound us.

And whether we're on the move, unsure where we'll end up

Or confident we are home to stay 

Whether we're flying high

Or thoroughly grounded, 

Sticking our neck out, 

or much more laid back, 

May we love this land.  It is our home.

Oh Canada, 
You are a country where little kids can dream big, 

And even when we get knocked down 

Or irritated for a while, 

We bounce right back, and welcome others to play. 

And though we might sometimes want to stick out our tongue at the world 

or hope that no one sees us, 

or face an uphill stretch, 

we carry on with pride.

For how can a nation of people crazy enough to swim in January 

not help each other to take the plunge, 

to move forward together,

to help each other out?

Whether we're serious 

or blissfully joyful,

caught up for the moment,

or even  in a flap,

We can find tranquility in nature, 

And joy in life itself

At any time of year.

Oh Canada, 
We have many artistic abilities, 

But Nature is our greatest artist of all. 

We are a nation of diversity, all shapes and sizes, 

and no matter what colour we are 

or what or whom we worship, 

We can share a cup of tea 

Or cuddle with a friend ,

For when we care about each other, all species, and our environment,

And laugh at ourselves and with others

We Canadians have something to crow about 

And we can  step into the future with courage

and dance like nobody's watching

because we have an amazing country, filled with amazing people and places and life. 

Oh Canada, 

With glowing hearts we see thee rise 

the true north strong and free

We stand on guard, Oh Canada 

we stand on guard for thee

Oh Canada,
Glorious and free!

(c) 2016, Jean Ballard