Friday, November 19, 2010

My, it is peaceful around here!

Karen and Norm came to pick up the first five pups a couple of hours ago. We decided it would be best if they came here so I wouldn't be leaving Lucy to her own resources just after five pups disappear.

We decided they would take the five brindle pups (Hubbard, Acorn, Zuke, Patty and Deli), and on Sunday we'll move the five fawn pups (Pumpkin, Nugget, Summer, Peanut and Bo).

I gave Lucy her very favourite, most prized treat - a large kong stuffed with kibble, yogurt and peanut butter then placed in the freezer for a couple of hours - and while she was occupied with that, we moved the five pups, one at a time, to the crate in Karen's and Norm's van.

Everything went smoothly, and I swear Lucy still has not noticed anything is amiss. She padded back to the kitchen with her empty kong, glanced in the puppy pen, checked to see if there were any crumbs on the kitchen floor, and went off for a nap.

Even at lunch time, when the remaining five were hollering for food, the only interest Lucy expressed was in licking out their dishes afterward.

As for the pups? I do believe I sent all the most troublesome ones with Karen. The ones here ate their lunch, played for a few minutes, each went poop once - and very nicely on the paper, and then all settled in the basket for a nap. That means the ones who tear the place apart, shred all the paper, poop a dozen times each and then roll and step in it, poop anywhere BUT on the paper, bark-yell for hours at a time, spill the water, and never, ever seem to rest have all gone to her house. YAY!!! (Oops - sorry Karen!)

Now, I think I shall have a little nap myself.


Jen said...

Yeah for peaceful calm!!! You've inspired me to try puppy raising some time in my life- just not right now! :) I've loved reading all the updates and the the individual puppy posts too. You've done a good thing here Jean!!

Jen and the BDC

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

Happy napping, but knowing you, I bet you will probably be rescuing more dogs, or puppies, or piggies in the near future. Enjoy the quiet times for now.

Lou, Abbotsford

Anonymous said...

Goes to show that perhaps it was the number of the puppies that made it so overwhelming and exhausting. Anyway It is time for you to get your house back in order and some well deserved rest. I too loved the individual write-ups

Big Sis