Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Dicshunary, by the Butternut Squash Kids

(Or: The world through the eyes of ten very young pups)

Bed: a box wiv blankies. Good fer peeing in, sleeping in, playing in, pooping in.....and eating.

Blankies: Things hoomans put in our beds to make us more comfy. Also good for dragging all over the pen, peeing on, playing on..... and eating.

Clothing: Stuff hoomans put on their skins cuz they don’tz have fur. Good fer hanging onto if you want yer hooman’s attenshun. Sometimes adorned with stuff that is very good for playing with, especially shoelaces, buttons, and hems of pants. Also good fer eating.

Hoomans: Two legged servants good fer cuddling an fer deliverin’ kibble. Every puppy needs to have at least one of these. Haz fingers, toes, ears, hair and chins good fer eating.

Kibble: Stuff to be walked in, tossed around, stepped on and eventually eaten.

Newspapers: Stuff that hoomans place on the floor. Fun to pick up, carry around, and shake. Can also be ripped, torn, shredded..... and eaten.

Pee: Liquid stuff we leak onto the newspapers, tarps, and bedding. Not much good fer eating by itself, but makes newspapers easier to shred and more palatable.

Poop: Stuff we push out our butts to make sure our hoomans gets their exercise picking it up. Also good for playing in, rolling in, walking in, decorating the pen and ourselves wiv, ..... and eating.

Tarp: a floor cover to be scratched, chewed, torn, shredded......and eaten.

Toys: Colourful things hoomans put in our pen fer us to play wiv. Sum are round and some are long and some are squeeky. All are good fer peeing on, pooping on, playing with.....and eating.

X-pen: metal wire around our space that prevents us from getting to and eating more interesting things like shoes, carpet, table legs, drapes and bookcovers. However, it can be climbed. Or jumped. Not much good fer eating, though it can be chewed.

The Clean Pen

Twenty minutes later

(The Butternut Squash Kids are ten pups I am fostering for the Cowichan and District SPCA, also known as the Duncan SPCA. The pups and their mama, Lucy, will be available for adoption shortly. All applications should go to the Cowichan and District SPCA. More information on Lucy and the pups can be found by reading the past two months' blog entries - starting September 11/2010 for Lucy and October 1/2010 for the pups. If you are considering adopting Lucy, feel free to email me with any questions you have about her personality and behaviour, using the link on the side of this blog. )


Anonymous said...

Messy little critters aren't they. It's a good thing you love housework.LOL
I'll bring more papers.


EvenSong said...

Sweet! Love the 20-minute comparison. ;-D

Anonymous said...

Maybe that should read Daschunary for their daschund background?

Jean said...

Daschunary - good one! I'm not sure they do have daschund in them - I would guess corgi accounts for her long and low look, given her colouring, size, and her unique ankles/paws. But who knows - she could have some daschund in her genes. She is truly a mystery mix, as are all the pups.