Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foster mama!!!

Dat not fair!!!

You makes us sound like howwible dirty liddle pests.

We's not.

We's cute. We's good. We's clean. We's roughly perfect!

Jest lookit us:

The big ones takes care of de little ones

an' we plays nicely wiv our toys,

we kin play peek-a-boo

an' tug-o-war

evens three- way tug-o-war!

An' we are really, really smart!

We can sort ourselves by colour!

An' figure out how to open gates!

So there!


Okay, sumtimes we makes a mess on de blankies,

But mostly we is angels!

(Even if some of our halos are a little bit crooked)

You ask Mary V. who puppysat us today. She'll tell ya we is good, smart, clean puppies!

We hardly pooped all afternoon! Not even after she fed us our lunch!

We waz saving it alllll up fer when you got home. Heeheeheeheeheehee!

So cud you pwease clean our pen now??????

We luvs you, foster mama.

De Butternut Squash Kids.


Bree said...

Sososo sweet! Little brats, eh?! Gotta love them..

hornblower said...

oh the little squashes are SO adorable!!!!

one day, you're going to miss them! ;-)