Friday, November 5, 2010


Note: For the next week or so, I am going to feature one pup in each blog entry - or most entries, anyway, give or take the occasional diversion. 'Way back when Lucy was pregnant, I commented on her similarity to a butternut squash, and someone commented that we could name all the pups after squashes. I've taken that idea, as well as the suggested squash names readers offered, and I'm somewhat arbitrarily applying a squash name to each pup. Until now, I've avoided naming them as I have a notoriously bad memory for names and figured I'd never be able to remember/identify them anyway. But...for the sake of the blog...I shall give them names. For some good images of squash varieties, check out this link. Like squashes, these pups are truly diverse - as different from each other as acorn squash is from Hubbard squash, reflecting their unknown and very mixed genetic heritage .

Peanut is a little boy who has inherited his mother's short legs. At six pounds four ounces on this his fifth-week-birthday, he is the smallest of the male pups - smaller by only one ounce from the next male pup, but over two pounds smaller than the largest pups. His short fur looks tan in colour , and he sports a black muzzle and tail, light underbelly, and some black hairs on his back. Some of his paws have the slightest hint of white tips.

Peanut is one of the most timid of the pups, but sometimes takes it upon himself to pounce on his brothers and sisters to initiate play. Peanut is wearing a blue collar with white dots and red bones on it, and doesn't mind it in the least.

Peanut sitting

Beautiful face

Doesn't struggle!

Short legs and black tail

And Peanut has this to say:

I luvs my mama

We's good buddies

I weally luvs her...

...even if she won't let me nurse no more!

(Ha ha I sticked my tongue out at her!)


EvenSong said...

Well, Mama Lucy may not be letting Peanut and his brothers and sisters nurse anymore, but he certainly doesn't look too skinny! What a cutie-pie! He has more mask than Sandy, and the same black tail. Don't think I'll try figuring out canine color genetics--I'm just getting good at the equine version...

Jen said...

Ahh, what a cutie! Too bad my house is all full up, or I would want to take one home!! :)

Jen and the black dog crew!

Bree said...

Oooh, I look forward to the mini-bio's on the pups! How wonderful. :) It's neat to hear that some of the pups have their Mama's stubby legs.. SO CUTE!