Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beautiful Borzois and a Passel of Puppies

Beautiful Borzois and Passel of Pups

Regular longterm readers of my blog will remember Pearl, Karen's beautiful borzoi who passed away last February. I loved capturing her on film - so regal, so breathtakingly beautiful. Here's one of my favourite photos of her:


And you can read more about her here and here.

Well, Karen recently adopted two more borzoi. They came into one of my favourite rescues, Turtle Garden's Animal Rescue, located in northern British Columbia. Yvette, the tireless owner of Turtle Gardens, wanted a borzoi-savvy home for these two girls who are believed to be a little over six months old. And who better than Karen? Karen has had a number of borzois over the years and is a huge supporter of animal rescue - in fact, she has adopted numerous dogs from rescue, including some from Turtle Gardens. And, yes, this is the same Karen who has taken the SPCA monster pups off my hands pending their adoptions (two have now gone out on foster-to-adopt, two others are spoken for, six are still looking for homes).

And that's where this story comes together - the passel of pups and the beautiful borzois. Because the borzois love the pups. And what a photo-op that makes! The day was bright sunlight on snow, and it was the middle of the afternoon, which made getting just the right frame in my digital camera a bit of a challenge, but even with my amateur hand, the results can't help but make you smile.

So...introducing Karen and Norm's newest family members, Ruby (with the darker face) and Amber - playing with Lucy's pups. Enjoy! (You can click on any photo to enlarge it, then use the back browser to return to the blog.)

Ruby and pup (1)

Ruby and pup (2)

Ruby and pup (3)

Ruby and puppies (1)

Ruby and puppies (2)

Ruby and puppies (3)

Ruby and puppies (4)

Ruby in black and white

Ruby portrait (1)

Ruby portrait (2)

Pups in sunlight

Ruby and Turtle Gardens' Alumnus Kabuki

Here's a short series I love - watch what happens as the pups clamber over the borzoi:

Amber and Pups (1)

Amber and Pups (2)

Amber and Pups (3)

Amber and pups (4)

And some more of Amber with pups:

Amber and pups (5)

Amber and Pups (6)

Amber and Pup

And two last shots, not of borzois or pups:

Dolly in black and white

Drew and a Rainbow

It was a wonderful afternoon at Karen's and Norm's. I look forward to taking many more photos of the borzois in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what lovely Borzoi girls! And just look at them all play together! It doesn't get much better than that.

Congratulations to Karen and Norm on their beautiful new four-legged family members. I do hope to see them on day at lure coursing.


Sheryl said...

Beautiful photos! I love how gentle the Borzois are with the pups.

Sherri said...

Those are amazing shots, Jean! I love the contrast between the roly poly pups and the tall, svelte sighthounds. What gorgeous dogs, and what a fun day it must have been watching them romp and play with the Borzois (especially knowing that you get to leave them behind when you're done).

turtlegardens said...

What lucky, lucky girls my Amber and Ruby are! Absolutely perfect! Doesn't get much better than that!

Erika said...

Beautiful dogs and beautiful photos!

Linda Toews said...

Lucky pups to have such wonderful company. My parents bred and owned sighthounds for years (Whippets, Salukis, Afghans, Borzios) and I miss those days sometimes - this was such a treat for me to see the gentle Borzois with the pack of puppies.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures Jean. Amber and Ruby are so great with the puppies and will do wonders for developing their dog communication skills. Luck pups to be at Karen and Norm's and lucky you that they are there. Ruby and Amber have landed in clover too. Great home with a big yard to do zoomies in. Gotta go visit soon.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful dogs. When I come out nexy year, please, please, please can you introduce me to Karen so I can ask if I can take a few pictures. They wouldn't be better than yours but I would so enjoy taking them.

Big Sis

Jean said...

Big Sis, I will make a point of taking you over to Karen's on your next visit (of course, the little pups won't still be there....but the borzois will, and Karen has several beautiful dogs to photograph, and a beautiful location to do it in!). As for your photography - don't undersell yourself. After all, it is your beautiful photography which motivated me to improve my photography skills!!

Linda T., I forgot your family once raised sighthounds! They sure are gorgeous dogs - my friend Ellen's whippets and Karen's borzois are among my favourite dogs to photograph.

Against the Grain said...

I came across your post while searching for Borzois in BC and I just wanted to say that it's hard to find photos that capture the silly and playful side of this energetic breed! I grew up with a Borzoi and ever since our separation I have vowed to adopt one when I get the space. Despite their haughty looks they really are big "bone-heads". That was our dog, Odin's, nickname. These guys really become a best friend to a kid. Amazing and beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!