Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ms. Lucy is a devious diva!

Lucy never fails to amaze me - Every day she becomes more of a trickster, finding new ways to show me just how smart she is.

Yesterday evening, I was trying to get in touch with a couple of people who had expressed interest in possibly adopting Lucy. I emailed them, and gave my phone number so we could chat about her if they were still interested. This morning I had to go out for a couple of hours. When I returned home, I went to the phone to see if there were any messages, and discovered - nothing! No light, no call display, no dial tone. I soon discovered the large power plug (the one that powers the cordless extension, voice mail, etc.) was unplugged. Since it is half behind my bedside table, it didn't simply get tripped over. It's possible Ms. Lucy was harassing the cat (whose kitty condo is nearby) and accidently pulled it out - but I suspect she wanted to make sure no potential adopters could get hold of me. I'm sure it wasn't the cat who pulled it out - she would have answered the phone, given the caller our address, unlocked the door, and helped lead Ms. Lucy to their car!

Later, I am sitting at the kitchen table having some soup when I hear a commotion from behind the couch where Charley's crate is located. I glance over to see two pointy reddish-gold ears appearing and disappearing behind the back of the couch. Allie is on top of the crate - and Ms. Lucy is bounding up and down like a kid on a pogo stick, just to bug her. Lucy could easily put her paws up on the crate - it is not as tall as the kitchen counter and she has no trouble reaching that! - but, no, she has to boing, boing, boing while the cat plasters herself to the wall with her eyes as round as saucers and her fur standing up on end.

And lastly, I am sitting in my recliner watching the evening news. Ms. Lucy decides she wants to be a lap dog, and soon all 45 pounds of her has wiggled its way onto my lap. Keep in mind, this dog is 36" long from nose to butt (and another foot of tail), and sixteen inches high at the shoulders. So what does she do? She leeeeaaaans back against me, sticks her head right in front of my face, points her nose to the ceiling, and repeatedly moves her head back and forth - blocking my view of the screen. I tolerate it for a while, trying to get her to lie down and cuddle, and then make the mistake of getting up to get a cup of tea. I dump Lucy off my lap, stand up, and I'm no sooner a foot from the chair than Ms. Lucy has jumped up and stolen my seat. And there is NO budging her. I quite suspect that was her game plan all along.

And to think when she first came to me she was such a nice, quiet, easy-going girl. Now she thinks she owns the place!

Anyone wanna adopt a devious diva?

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