Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mitzi's Howlowhine

By Mitzi

Dear friends of my Mama Jean's:

Please don't nevah, nevah, nevah, let my
Mama Jean into a thrift store near Hallowe'en again.

Ah don't wanna be a frog who
turns into some stoopid prince!

Ah wanted to be a Princess!

The Paper Bag Princess, that is!
Ah even made mah own costume.
It's much more 'me', don'tcha think?

PS:  Mah Mama Jean is pretty silly sometimes.  She read about NaNoWriMo on another blog, and she thought it stood for National Not Writing Month.  So she didn't write for a WHOLE MONTH. Just in case you didn't notice (though at least a dozen of you did notice and have taken her to task for it).   NaNoWriMo is about writing every single day for a month - the month of November. There's a whole world wide organization dedicated to it, with websites and facebook pages and local support groups and everything! You're supposed to write a novel, but my Mama Jean doesn't do novels.  And she says she can't blog every single day.  But she has thousands of photos from the last two months, most of which she hasn't posted here, so you tell her to at least post a picture every day in November.  She should be able to do that.  And maybe write some too.

Love and kisses and get me out of this frog suit,