Thursday, November 18, 2010

Puppies in Action

I finally got an old camera to take a video that could be downloaded (uploaded? I never did understand the difference between those two terms) to my computer so you can see the puppies in action on the blog. Yesterday, I gave them one of Allie's big cat toys - a ball with holes in it and two rattle type balls inside. It has been a BIG hit with the dogs. Apparently, it's much more fun to play with a cat toy than any of a dozen dog toys I've given them (with the possible exception of two "Buster cube" treat-dispenser toys).

In this first video, Pumpkin (one of the two largest pups) is carrying the ball, chased primarily by Summer (the smallest pup).

In this second video, you'll notice that Summer (the smallest pup) not only gets the ball, but is able to hang onto it despite several tackles from the bigger players!

By the way, the dog bed used to be against the x-pen fence - it was the pups who pushed it into the middle to make themselves a racetrack!

I have a link to a video Gail took about three weeks ago, which I have been trying to post but have been unsuccessful - neither the photobucket URL nor the link provided by photobucket seems to work. If I can figure it out, I'll add it to this post later. Meanwhile, you can try cutting and pasting this link - perhaps it will work for you:¤t=MVI_3233.mp4


Black Jack's Carol said...

Great fun to watch these videos, Jean. Thanks for posting them. Gail's worked perfectly when I copy/pasted the link into the address bar. What a perfect start to life you have given these pups! I'm wondering if Hubbard has perked up at all, or if you are still concerned for him. Hope the transfer of the five pups went smoothly.

Jean said...

I'm glad Gail's worked for you Carol - when I cut and paste it into my own browser, it comes up as an error. computer's a year old and it already seems to be obsolete!

Hubbard seems to have perked up a bit, but I still notice his rapid heart rate, quickness to tire, and the occasional whimpering for no apparent reason.

The first transfer takes place tomorrow morning - this was their last full day here. I'm curious (and a bit anxious) to see how Lucy will react to their departure.

Linda Toews said...

Go Summer!!!! Girls rule - boys drool.....

Cathy, Che and Jeeperss said...

The videos all worked fine on my (Safari on older Mac) computer. They give a vivid portrait of the dog mass created by ten puppies. Wow.
You did a fantastic job of starting these little guys. The individual portraits were lovely.
We will miss them but I guess you will be happy to have your house and your life back.