Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Nugget in basket
As his name suggests, Nugget is a little gem, a cuddlebug extraordinaire who loves to be picked up, to be cuddled, to sit on my lap or be held in my arms while he licks my neck and nibbles my ears. He comes running when I enter the pen and grabs onto whatever part of me he can - a shoelace, the buttons on my sweater as I squat down to pick up poop, the hem of my pants as I try to walk about. But he's not obnoxious about it - he just wants to be acknowledged and petted and to climb up for a kiss.

Nugget is a light brown (fawn?), short-haired, average size pup with legs that appear to be proportionate to his body. He has absolutely the most adorable markings on his face - jet black muzzle and nose, teeny white tuft on the chin, dark mascara lining his eyes. He also managed to get mascara along the outer edge of his ears, and the underside of his ears have black fur. He has some black down the centre of his back and onto his tail, and he has one white toe on one back paw, plus some white hairs on his chest.
Today, at just over five and a half weeks, he weighs a surprising 8 pounds 9 ounces (though this was right after he inhaled his lunch). By comparison Hubbard and Pumpkin, the largest of the litter, are both 9 pounds 14 ounces after lunch today, and the smallest pup is 6 pounds five. Nugget's compact body, dressed in his sky blue collar, is heavier than it looks - he's a solid little guy.

Nugget is going to be a wonderful companion for someone. Like his mother, he will likely bond closely with his special person. While he is very people-oriented, he also plays well with all his siblings, both initiating play and responding when another pup initiates it. He is good at give and take - backing off when told to, but not fearful or shy. With the right training, food, and affection, he promises to be an outstanding friend.


Ohhh, whazzat?

Nugget and Lucy

An armload of luvin'

Sweet face

(Nugget is one of ten pups I am fostering for the Cowichan and District SPCA, also known as the Duncan SPCA. Each is being featured in a seperate blog entry. The pups and their mama, Lucy, will be available for adoption shortly. All applications should go to the Cowichan and District SPCA. More information on Lucy and the pups can be found by reading the past two months' blog entries - starting September 11/2010 for Lucy and October 1/2010 for the pups. If you are considering adopting Lucy, feel free to email me with any questions you have about her personality and behaviour, using the link on the side of this blog. )


Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. The pups are great. Love your bio's Jean.
Can't wait to see what you have named that special little girl.

Karen said...

Cuteness overload!

IslandEric said...

Nugget - Now Fitz Is loving his new home and his big brother. Who is always mistaken as his mother/father. Thanks for giving him such a great start. I'll email some pics. -Eric