Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow, Cold and Three-Dog-Zoomies

(This will be a short post because even though I was going to write more, I now have a wee pup named Summer on my lap. She has learned that if she barks loud enough and long enough, foster mama will pick her up and cuddle her. Little does she know that tomorrow she goes to join the brindle siblings and Auntie Karen might not have as much time or be quite as quick to respond to the demands of a noisy pup!)

I'z helpin'!

Anyway, what I was in the middle of posting was a series of not very good shots from this morning. We woke to snow and wind and cold. And dark, as the power was out (it came back on around noon). Lucy stepped onto the porch, stood completely still, stared at the white stuff and then.....


And within minutes she had managed to engage both Charley and Sadie in the fun:





More! Let's do it some more!

Turns out Lucy loves the snow - every time she has been outside today, she zooms and zooms and zooms. She is so full of beans and bounce, I think it is safe to say she has fully recovered from her pregnancy and very large litter.

Poor Charley and Sadie, on the other hand, are exhausted and have decided to spend the rest of the day in bed.


Sheryl said...

I love Summer! Wish I had room for another dog!

Bree S. said...

Lucy is so wonderful! She always makes me smile, as do how you put her and her pups adventures to writing.

Cathy,Che and Jeepers said...

We love Lucy. She surely must feel light and athletic after lugging all those babies around.
Ouch on the power failure and snow.

Anonymous said...

Love the outside pics - Possum gets the zoomies in the snow as well - he was so happy yesterday racing around. And that little Summer.....she knows how to give the look to make EVERYONE want her.