Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'z a party boy!

Pumpkin, aka chunky monkey, weighed over a pound at birth, and at 8 lbs 9 oz today (one day after turning five weeks) is the largest of the pups. He is also the lightest in colour, being almost fawn in appearance. However his light brown colouring is accented with a black muzzle, black ear tips and tail, white tips on three paws and some whitish-grey chest hairs. He appears to have midlength legs - not stubbies like Lucy's, but not long and gangling either. His fur is quite thick and fuzzy compared to several of his siblings, so he may have a midlength coat when mature. He has the potential to be quite a big dog given his current size.

In the pen with his siblings, he is outgoing, rambunctious, a bit of a bully, and has been humping the other pups from the time he was three weeks old. He also likes to bark and growl and pounce around, letting everyone know he is the boss. Pumpkin is also an escape artist, having climbed over the 18" barrier on more than one occasion, and having squeeeeeezed between the end sections of the x-pen on the one occasion I tried putting a few pups out on the grass. He's going to be a handful, and a very big handful at that.

Curiously, when taken away from his siblings for his photoshoot, he became shy and nervous (even though he has come out for cuddles and socialization at least every other day for the past four weeks). Consequently, it was hard to get a picture of him standing tall as he usually does.

I'z shy!

I cud be a soccer player, mehbee???

I likes cuddles

I don't wanna stand up, mama!

I sitz in cosy basket wiv mah new toy!


Caroline said...

ohhhhhhhh, he's such a cutie!
so he's the one who can houdini out of anything eh

Bree said...

He's gorgeous! You can tell he's a shit disturber by his face, though.. the cutest ones are always the most troublesome!