Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Deli (Delicata) is a beautiful brindle girl. At almost seven weeks, she weighs in at 10 pounds 13 ounces - but she is not chubby at all. She is tall, slender, lanky, and active. This past week, her long legs have become even longer and she is now as tall as (or maybe taller than) her brother Zuke. With the exception of her black muzzle, she is all brindle - no white anywhere, and glossy brindle smooth, short fur everywhere. Her long tail rides straight up in the air behind her - all it needs is a little orange flag! Or maybe hot pink to match her collar.

Deli has two speeds: fast forward and stop. She plays hard - loves tossing her toys up in the air, loves to pounce around catching shadows, curious about everything in her world, and a very speedy runner. Deli is full of spunk and courage - she chases me around the yard and doesn't hesitate to climb stairs and ramps or check out plastic tunnels. She might well enjoy participating in a dog sport like agility or rally, activities which will help channel her energy and exercise her bright, inquisitive mind.

Once she has her zoomies out, she likes nothing more than to sit nicely in my lap and be cuddled. She is an all-round good pup, a quick learner, and will make a very nice companion for an active person who likes bigger dogs.

I'm watchin' you!

Whazzat over der?

I can sit!!

An' I can run!

And I can point!

Or maybes I be a trackin' dog!