Saturday, April 6, 2019

Where's that blogger gone?

Where's that blogger lady gone?
She said she had herring run photos to show you!

I'll see if I can find her!

I'm sure things are going swimmingly.

She's probably taking time to reflect.

No doubt things are just ducky.

Maggie here.  I'll tell you what we've been up to.
After taking 1000 pictures of the herring run, 

we explored a new park every day for a week,

and discovered really neat places near home!
And then....then we went to the mainland,

where we went to MORE parks,
and also visited with friends,
where Mama took more photographs,
photos of silly horses,

and silly dogs,

and smiling sleeping piggies, 

and me!
And now she has about 2000 photos to edit, and a dozen blogs to write, and - whew! - I'm tired just thinking about it.
Oh, wait, Mama's calling!  Time to go find another new park!