Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Tranquil Interlude

I am not even going to begin to blog about what has been going on here the past two days, other than to say that Ms. Lucy can breech every barrier ever placed in her way; wants nothing to do with the babies; can leap over 48"; still has lots of discharge which is now on my bed, my rugs and my clothing; and I am at my wit's end. And please don't offer any suggestions - I assure you I have considered every possible solution and right now, at this moment, I'm not about to engage in a discussion of why various things aren't doable. I simply don't wanna talk about it. Nor am I going to post cutsey puppy pictures, even though they were three weeks old yesterday. I am just not feeling that kindly toward any of them.

Instead, we shall all take a few moments to breathe deeply, relaaaaaax, focus on the beauty around us, and enjoy these moments on Crofton beach where Charley, Sadie and I walked on a misty morning earlier this week. Enjoy.

Leaf on the beach

Spider's web on a misty morning

Sea birds in fall

Take off

Dead flowers and new blossoms

Spider's web on the seawalk

Misty morning at Crofton Beach


Caroline said...

what can we do for you?
What would make your life easier at this time?

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the leaf.

Am very glad the three of you got out for a walk on your beautiful beach.

I think we should call you St. Jean, St. Charley, St. Sadie and St. Allie - just for a while. I mean it.


Jean said...

Ha! Sharon - I am most certainly NOT a Saint (in any sense of the word....inside joke.....).

Gail stopped by with some sexy denim pants for Lucy, which she doesn't mind at all and which resolves the discharge problem. I will take photos of her in them later. She also brought little collars for them, so I can now record any concerns and know which one I'm referring to. I've made some other changes, borrowed an even taller pen for the vulnerable side (though she still may jump or climb it), and decided to gradually move the puppies onto kibble and canned and get them weaned - it's a bit early, but it resolves a big problem.
Meanwhile, I do have some adorable photos to post later. For now, I'm going to have a cup of tea and read a good book - until the next round of crying puppies.

Caroline - email me your address.....I'll mail ten puppies to you!!! THAT would make my life easier! BWHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Argh - of course I didn't mean it that way Jean!

Good luck with your houseful - I know I would be happy to look sexy in denim pants - Lucy be a good girl and show us what it's all about, o.k.?!


Caroline said...

HA! You try and put all 10 pups in a box and keep them there long enough to send them my way, bet that'll never work!

However, email me where I can send a little "keeping Jean sane" care package and it'll go off in the mail to you.

EvenSong said...

I'm glad you and the Sheltie-girls were able to get away for a bit. You certainly deserve it!
Three weeks, already!?! Hope the pups can make the transition to puppy food alright. That should help relieve Lucy of some of her unwanted duties (while, unfortunately, adding to yours).
Warm and restful thoughts sent your way.