Monday, October 4, 2010

No Phone Calls or Visitors Today, Please

It is 4:00 AM. Why am I up? Because Lucy has bad diarrhea and very little, if any, milk. The puppies are nursing 90% of the time (squealing as they do so) and sleeping 10%, instead of vice-versa. Lucy is drinking water and I have just fed her some white rice and chicken broth in the hopes her system will handle that better than the puppy food she is on. I have hand fed the pups and they are finally (for the most part) sleeping.

So....unless I have already arranged for you to come help with something (Sue) or unless I phone you to bring something over, please refrain from phoning or visiting today - Lucy and I need some rest.

Lucy is sleeping comfortably now, but I will be calling the vet (and the SPCA, whom I'm fostering Lucy for) in the morning.


hornblower said...

oh bummer! Hope things turn around.

Anonymous said...

If you need help feeding Jean, let us know and we can round up some help.
Hoping for a better day for you all.

Jean said...

Just to update: The vet/SPCA is sending over some paste stuff for Lucy's diarrhea, and is okay with me continuing to feed rice and broth (adding boiled chicken to it as soon as there is some improvement). I'm giving her small amounts every two hours. She's also had some gastrolyte to help ward of dehydration.

Hopefully a couple of days of Foster mama's chicken soup and Lucy will be able to add a gradual addition of puppy food.

I hope it isn't just wishful thinking, but it looks like, maybe, just maybe, her milk is finally coming in - the pups are nursing without squealing for the first time in twelve hours. I'm going to toss in some of the never-ending puppy laundry and try to nap for a bit.

Anonymous said...

I picked up quite a bit of organic chicken broth the other day so if you need more - let me know and I'll drop off. Or chicken or whatever you need I'm sure one of us following every day - has or can get for you.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I wish I were retired and/or closer to you, Jean, but I will have to make do with sending my very best thoughts and wishes to you, Lucy and the pups. It's very difficult, once you are sleep deprived, to cope with such a huge responsibility. My hat is off to you!

EvenSong said...

Here's hoping that the tummy upsets are on their way out, that the milk is on it's way in, and that everyone gets some well-deserved rest!

Anonymous said...

Wishing the best for Lucy and puppies.

You have lots on your plate right now Jean, hope all will be well and you can get a good night's sleep.


hornblower said...

One other thing - if her stools are really frequent & watery (rather than just loose), I'd consider some subQ fluids (can be done at home) if the milk still doesn't seem to be fully in soon. Dehydration, even border-line, will really affect a milk supply.

I have known human moms who were just a tad dehydrated, still drinking water & not presenting as 'clinically dehydrated' but run down & with oral rehydration solution (like pedialyte) or IV fluids, they noticed a substantial increase in supply.

My suspicion is that when you're getting close to that stage, drinking enough fluids is just really, really hard, if not darned near impossible - esp when you're looking after a baby (or babies!).

Hopefully that diarrhea goes away fast. I really wonder what triggered it? In women we usually worry about the opposite problem.......