Thursday, October 14, 2010

If I wuz a Giraffe

By Lucy

If I wuz a giraffe, I would have loooooong slim legs, and everyone wud say “Look how long those legs are” instead of laughing at me for my short little legs.

If I wuz a giraffe, I would be ever so tall and I cud look down at people and say ”Gosh, you sure is short!” instead of having people call ME Shorty.

If I wuz a giraffe, people would say how bootiful I am instead of saying I’m funny-looking.

If I wuz a giraffe, everybody wud want to adopt me because not too many peoples has a giraffe fer a companion.

So I think I'll be a giraffe.

Luv, Lucy.

(P.S. My foster mama found my giraffe costume at the thrift store fer 50 cents. It woulda fit me perfectly but it doesn’t go round my 'Doggy Parton boobs' at the moment so I hadz to improvise an now it looks too small. But I don’t mind. Iza thawt that counts. Lucy.)


hornblower said...

Dear Lucy - I think you're bootiful just as you are. Though the costume is so cute, you're cuter!

Jen said...

So cute!! Love it!!!!

Jen and the Black Dog Crew!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I think your foster mom is having some laughs at your expense! Not 50 cents...

Just to let you know Lucy, long legs aren't always the best thing - ever heard of "flood pants"?

Thanks for the smile today Jean!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha cute costume Lucy but you are perfect just the way you are says one shorty to another.


Sheryl said...

Don't you worry, Lucy. As long as your legs reach the ground they are the perfect length.

Anonymous said...

don't worry Lucy, us shorty's have got to stick together. I'm sure the giraffes get made fun of too, for their freakishly long necks. I say long legs are over-rated, short legs are sturdy and more grounded.
luv -Sarah

ps. glad to hear you had a good gobble day Jean :)

Bree S. said...

That's just adorable as can be. Leave that picture up and I'm sure Lucy will have waves of homes wanting such a cute little.. giraffe ;)

Anonymous said...

When I first started reading your post today I felt like I was reading a cute little story to my nieces and nephews. You should do a children's book Jean !! "If I wuz a giraffe".

Loved it !! and Lucy's picture of course - Possum has a Superman costume which he will reluctantly "try on" for my enjoyment. LOL

Hope you are getting some rest from your soon-to-be-very-busy houseguests and their mother!

xo Katherine and Possum

Lori said...

Lucy, you are bootiful just the way you are. Even better than a giraffe, YOU are unique. There are many, many giraffes but just ONE Lucy!!
The costume is adorable and I'll bet bunches of new homes will be lining up to ask for you!!