Thursday, October 21, 2010

Losing Lucy

I keep losing Lucy. While most of the time she is a velcro dog, sticking right by my side, every now and then she goes off for a little solitude. Yesterday it took me half an hour to find her hideout - behind the sofabed in my office. Today it didn't take as long - only two or three minutes. I checked the pup pen.

I dunno where my mama is!

Me neither!

Hasn't seen her

Not since last night

If ya find her, could ya tell her we're hungry?

I checked the living room.

Nope, not here. Is she in dis picture?

I checked the kitchen and bathroom and mudroom.

Meybe she went outside?

The last room I checked was my bedroom, as I have not allowed Lucy in there (she still has some discharge and I don't want it on the new carpet). I found her there - being careful not to mark my carpet:

I have no idea how such a short-legged dog can get up on my bed - it is quite high and so is the cedar chest at the end. Even Sadie, who is twice Lucy's height, has difficulty. But there she was - very, very comfy and not inclined to move.

I left her alone. For one thing, it's nice to be able to do housework without tripping over her. And bedding can always be washed.

[Lucy is looking for a forever home where she can sleep on the bed with her human. She promises not to hog the blankets, and she only snores a little.]


Bree S. said...

Determination, and a dog can do amazing things. Clearly, she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't going to let her vertically challenged legs stop her! Honestly, she sounds like a real character. I am sure she'll find a wonderful forever home once she has recovered from this "mama" business.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when I saw where she was!! Very clever little dog

Anonymous said...

She looks so very comfortable and is more athletic than you gave her credit for.LOL