Thursday, October 14, 2010


By Sadie

I thought I was mom's favourite. That's what she always tells me

(Charley: Huh! That's what she tells ME. I'm her favourite!)

Nope. Neither of us is her favourite. Not when this is what WE get fer breakfast:


And THIS is what our foster sister, Lucy, gets! :

Scrambled eggs, rice, extra lean ground beef & pumpkin

Wha'tz wrong wiv that picture???

I thinks we shud go on a hunger strike till she feeds us that yummy stuff too.

Oh. Wait. Hunger strike? That means NO FOOD, right? Uh uh. No no no no no. Dat not gonna happen.

Guess I'll go eat mah breakfast now.

Luv, Sadie.


Caroline said...

Dear Sadie,
I have to admit, Lucy's bowl looks far better than yours does. However, I do see gravy in your bowl and there is nothing better than fine tasting gravy. I don't notice any gravy in Lucy's bowl, and rice can make a dish very dry.

I think if given a choice, I'd rather have the kibble and gravy!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Caroline, dat's not gravy, it's just boring water on our kibble to make our digestive enzymes dissolve. An' Lucy gotz chicken broth on hers! Lots of it - it just doesn't show in the picture or maybe mom hadn't put it on yet.

If I send you my kibble, will ya send me something YUMMY to eat???? Trade???

Luvs, Sadie