Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crystal, for Sharon

(Please join with me in mourning the loss of Crystal, my friend Sharon's beautiful sheltie who passed away last night at the age of sixteen. You have met her before on this blog, at our infamous "herding dog pawties". )


Crystal was quite possibly the most beautiful dog I have ever met - not only did she have the most amazing soft, thick, wonderful coat but also that princessly personality to which well-loved shelties are predisposed.

And well loved she was. Sharon's constant companion, best friend, confidante, her reason to get up in the morning and her reason to hurry home at night. Recently, Sharon took time off from paid employment to be with her Crystal full time, to ensure that whatever Crystal needed in the way of care and love, Sharon was there to provide it. And I am so glad she did.

When Sharon phoned me this morning to break the news, I cried with her and wished for words to comfort her. But comfort will be a long time coming for a loss so great, and Sharon must bear her grief one day, one hour, one moment at a time.

Sharon, I know that Crystal's spirit is near you. I hope that your memories of your life together will help comfort you. And I pray that the pain you feel today will lessen over time, though your love for her is unending.

Crystal and Sharon, August 2010

Never was a dog loved so deeply,
Never did a heart hurt so much.

Run free, Crystal. Belle and Oliver are there to guide you.

Hugs, Sharon, you are in my thoughts today.

Love, Jean


hornblower said...

Aw. Sorry to hear that. They just don't live long enough.

Irene said...

Sorry for Sharon's loss.
Run free, Crystal.
Jean you have such a way with words! (and pictures).

Anonymous said...

Shelties are so so wonderful..I will never not have one in my life..take care all of you who loved Crystal and Crystal run free it seems you were a very very loved dog...Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Jean that is a beautiful tribute to Crystal.
Shanon I'm so very very sorry for your loss of beautiful Crystal.
Take the time to grieve and heal your heart. It may not seem like it now, but with time the hurt does heal. What never goes away is the memories of the beautiful live you had together. They will live in your heart forever.


Karen said...

I'm so sorry for Sharon's loss...the pain of losing a four legged soulmate is indescribable.p

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with Sharon and her loss of beautiful Crystal.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean for your loving tribute to Crystal. "Alistair's Snow Ghost" was her registered name.

I can't describe how much I miss my little shadow, and life feels very empty today.

But I'm glad she can run, see and hear again now. Miss you forever Crystal.


Alison / Maple Springs said...

Alison & the whole crew at Maple Springs send our best to you Sharon. Loosing these precious ones is so difficult and we feel your sadness. I will always remember the days Crystal came in the shop to visit and tentatively got her cookies. I hope Crystal and Rhonda are getting served lots of cookies now, but mostly I hope they know we are thinking of them and missing them so much. We will always be surrounded by their presence.