Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good morning world!

I was awakened at 5 AM to the squeeling of ten very noisy puppies, so reminiscent of the ten very noisy squeeling piggies I fostered. All appear to be doing well, but some time between 2 AM (when I went to bed, after checking Lucy was still sound asleep) and 5 AM (when I awoke) an eleventh pup was born - sadly she did not make it. She was big (weighing one pound), and I suspect Lucy was so exhausted that she wasn't able to pass her sufficiently. I'm a very light sleeper and didn't hear a thing. Lucy had cleaned her up completely, but obviously was unable to revive her.

And so the final tally (I hope) is ten. Lucy is sleeping soundly now, having eaten a good breakfast but refusing to leave the puppies to do her business. I'll try later. I've cleaned up her bed, so they are dry and warm and safe.

My wireless router died this morning (hence the delay posting - I was without internet and, being an idiot when in comes to computers, it took me forever to figure out how to bypass the router to get an ordinary connection again.

I will post pictures shortly. Promise.


Anita said...

Well, I must say I'm proud to call you my cousin Jean!! And Lucy is quite a dog. I'll bet you find her a good home after things settle down.
Yesterday was like reading a suspense novel and very exciting -- also first thing I turned to this morning.
I hope you can get some rest today.

Anonymous said...

i hope everyone gets a rest, what a night! wishing you all a little bit of peace. -sarah