Friday, October 29, 2010

Ain't NOTHING gonna stop me!

(The pup is four weeks old today and stands about 6 inches tall when on all fours; the barrier is eighteen inches. This boy takes after his mama - can escape out of anything! The time is 2:30 AM - hence the out-of-focus photos!)




Gone! I'm outta here!


Caroline said...

On a positive note, Lucy is paying attention!

Sheryl said...

I'll venture to guess that you are going to be SO glad to get your house back to yourself (and Sadie, Charley and Allie) when they're gone!!!

Even cute adorableness will only go so far. LOL

Bree S. said...

Oh my! So it seems like these little guys (and a couple girls) aren't going to get their Mom's stubby legs, eh? Sounds like even more trouble.. best of luck! ;)

Linda Toews said...

Jean - I wish I lived close enough to be able to help you. As I've been following this I was thinking that teaching at a Uni with all the papers and exams to mark was really a breeze compared to what you're doing now. You are a wonderful example of an amazing foster mama. Lucy and the puppies are so lucky to have you looking after them.

Anonymous said...

I see an Agility Dog in the making.LOL