Monday, October 25, 2010

I am learning...

To tolerate more mess in my house;

to sometimes ignore puppy squeals and let them just go back to sleep;

to make puppy formula efficiently and wash up the dishes immediately afterwards;

to get back to sleep after 3 AM feedings; and.....

To take better puppy pictures!

Here's my favourites from this weekend. The pups at three weeks old:

Sunlight on pups


Trio in Sunlight

Reverse Brindle Boy

Pups at Play

Pups meet Ball

Pablum-Faced Puppy

Puppy Portrait

Kissy Face

Kissy Face Again

Duo in Sunlight

Lone Pup and Ball

(c) 2010


EvenSong said...

You need to get the kissy face together with the pablum face! ;-D

Irene said...

Too cute! I want. I want.
Reality check: NO! NO! NO!
I SO admire you.

turtlegardens said...

With my very young pups I put puppy kibble in the blender and crush it into a powder to add to pablum and formula. It works very well. And hold them longer.

Jean said...

Thanks, Yvette. I was soaking the kibble overnight and then mixing it with the formula in the dish, but I tried your way this morning and it worked like a charm.