Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sadie and Charley have something to say

Sadie: Okay, I know everyone loves little puppies but sheesh, mom, didya ferget there's other dogs in this household? All I see on the blog lately is puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy. What're we, chopped liver?

Heh heh - if we waz chopped liver, she'd prob'ly be feedin' us to that glutton of a mama dog!!! How come she getz fed FOUR times a day an' we only get fed twice??

I'm jest gonna take control of this compooter an' post some pik-chures of US! We is just as important. We is just as special. An' we is SENIORS! Grey Power!

Or in our case, Black and White Power!

Yeah. Ferget reddish golden fat-then-skinny dogs on short little legs. Ferget cutesy wootsey little brindle, brown and black puppies. We're Here and We're Queer! Oops, wrong slogan. Heheheheh. How about: We're Old and We're Bold!

Right! An' yesterday, us Old and Bold beauties went to the beach. That's right! And our mama didn't even post the pik-chures! It was a gorgeous day - warm enough to feel comfy-snuggly but cool enough to feel fresh and crisp.

Yup. And we saw lots of neat stuff in the hour we spent there.

Like vewy pretty flowers:

And smacks of big red jellyfish:

And this HUGE one floating in the water. Mama figures he or she was at least 3 feet in diameter. (I fink that means 3 feet across).

And the boats were real pretty, their colours reflecting in the water:

We liked the tall blue mast on this one best:

The water was nice too. Charley went paddling:

But mostly we sat and gazed out at the bay:



It was really pretty on the beach. We could hear the sea lions barking, but we couldn't see them - they lives on a piece of land that juts out past the mill, too far away to see. But they is almost as noisy as the puppies in our mudroom. They is waay over at the back of this photo:

Our mama waz trying to get a pik-chure of this bird. She couldn't figure out what kind it was. It sat up like an eagle or osprey or a woodpecker, but it haz black or brown an' white stripes on its chest. Maybe someone here can figure it out. It waz about the size of a large seagull. But it wazn't a seagull. (You might have to click on it to enlarge the photo, then use your back browser to return to the blog):

Soon we trotted back along the seawalk :

One last look - Mom sez if you look really hard (you might need to click on it again) you can see the tip of Mount Baker in the distance.

And then we walked home.

To this :

And this:

And this:

And this:

Okay, we admit those puppies sure are cute. An' Lucy's a nice dog too. I guess we can share the blog wiv them. But only fer a while!

Love, Charley and Sadie
(c) 2010

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Bree S. said...

How kind of Sadie and Charley to share their home with a squatty momma and her batch of squeakers. ;) Glad to hear they are accepting the situational.. for now..