Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Annual I-Hate-Halloween Rant

It's that horrible time of year again - greedy noisy kids, overpriced candy (has anyone else noticed how the mini chocolate bars are approximately half the size they were two years ago, yet the price has increased?), firecrackers, lost dogs and cats who bolted when their careless owners gave them accesss to the scary outside, vandalism, UGH! Halloween is my least favourite time of year. I hate it even more than I hate a month of nonstop rain, three feet of snow, or anglers who leave all their trash behind at the river.

What??? You mean I got all dressed up for nuthin'????

I haven't quite figured out the logistics of handling tonight. The will start showing up around 5 PM ,and the last will trickle through about 8 PM. Three dogs in the house, two of which are reactive to anybody daring to walk down the street, let alone up the driveway to the door (Sadie and Lucy, are you listening to me??) will add to the excitement. And while I customarily put my own dogs in the gated mudroom so they can't storm the door each time someone comes, Lucy can leap over anything. I may have to try crating her with a stuffed kong or a sweet potato chew tonight - though she is not a fan of crates unless the crate door is wide open.

My plan was to sit in my carport with the goodies. But over the last two days I have finally got the puppies on some semblance of a workable schedule, feeding at 6 AM, noon, 6PM, and midnight. Each feed takes approximately one hour as it requires supervision to make sure all pups eat AND there is considerable clean up of poops and pees both before and after the feed. (I go to bed around 9:30, pups wake me up for the midnight feed, and then I get to sleep for another five hours before the pup alarm tells me it is morning. Works for me.) do I feed pups at the same time as hand out goodies and/or prevent kids from ringing the doorbell/knocking at the door?

Hmmm....I might have a solution to all my problems. Pop a puppy into the first ten treat bags, and eat the chocolate myself.

Foster mama, you wouldn't!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think you should simply turn off the lights and pretend you're not home! The trick-or-treaters will bypass your place if it doesn't look inviting. You get to keep the feeding routine AND those ever-shrinking, extra-mini chocolate bars!

Deb S.

EvenSong said...

Sounds like your life is attaining a vague semblance of order...just in time for havoc to ensue!
I don't know about your neighborhood, but in our town (no one hits our place in the country) if one doesn't turn on their porch light, kiddies are supposed to know that one isn't participating in the chocolate frenzy.

Jen said...

I don't hand out candy. I havent for ages as my dogs can't handle the constant visitors either. So, I solve the problem by leaving the lights off, and hiding somewhere in the house, usually with a good book. Fortunately, this year I have agility classes, so everyone is out of the house. :) If I were you, I would turn the lights off too, and pretend like you aren't there! Dogs barking will further discourage them from linger.

I hate halloween too!!
Jen and the Black Dog Crew

Jean said...

Unfortunately we are close to the road and the pups' area is right at the front of the house, with only mini-blinds on the windows so any light at all can be seen.

I may try stringing an xpen across the driveway so they can't get to the front door, and turning off as many lights as possible.

I just don't want to wake up to find my windows egged and my tires flat. LOL

Y'mean no one likes my idea of giving away the pups to the first ten kids??????????? Awwww, spoil sports!

Anonymous said...

I've eaten all the chocolate bars as planned, and usually the kids are too scared to come down my street so no door answering as I usually get no one. Judging by the amount of kids going by your house after school, there are a lot of kids around and it will be very stressful and busy. - I'm with the rest of them.
Lights out - ignore the door and eat the candy.

Judy said...

Do you have a friend that would help with either handing out candy from the carport or the pup feeding, maybe in exchange for a cozy meal afterward?

Jean said...

Judy, I think I've called in all the possible favours I can from the few people I know here, just to maintain my sanity the past several weeks.
I've strung an xpen across the driveway, and I will put a sign on it that simply says "Sorry, unable to come to door at this time". And I'll leave the lights off. If I should find myself with quiet puppies and calm dogs, then I can still slip outside and hand out candy over the xpen fence.
I think last year there were about 120 kids - can't quite remember.