Saturday, October 2, 2010

Those long-awaited, OMG, couldn't ya just smooch those little faces PUPPY PICTURES!

What's not to love?

First pup just out....

...and heads for the nearest bar!

Two puppy faces

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

(note the one on top of other on the left)

num num num

Mama washing babe

Puppy pile

Puppy Paws!!!!

Puppy face

And another puppy face

Get offa me!

I shoulda used a condom!


Anonymous said...

OMG is the perfect title for this blog entry.....They are soooooo cute and I love their colouring - does anyone know what "dad" was? Lucy has done so well - with of course you and your friend's help. What a night you all have had. Congrats on all the new babies Lucy - I am looking forward to seeing more of those sweet little faces grow and change - don't you just LOVE puppy breath? Try and get some rest now !! xo Katherine and Possum xo

hornblower said...

Lucy - your babies are beautiful & looks like you're a fabulous mama.


Nana & MP said...

WOW!!!!! Oh man. Good job, super mama Lucy and Jean! I can't, can't, can't believe how many puppies she was carrying.

SO cute. I love how the first pup literally went straight to the "first bar," like you said!

Holy crap. Congrats, you guys!

ruth said...

Welcome everypuppy! You are beyond cute. I look forward to seeing you all thrive and grow...

Huge congrats to Lucy and Jean!

Jen in SLO said...

Good job, Jean and mama Lucy! Wow, that's a whole lotta puppies!!

Your life is gonna be crazy for a few weeks! :)

Anonymous said...

what little cutie patooties! you guys deserve a medal, one for the midwife and one for the mom. so love the smushed noses and big bums! cutest puppies. thank you so much for the pics jean everyone at work thinks they are tops! go lucy, you did your job and made everyone so proud. -sarah

Irene said...

Loved the last pic & comment!!! if only ....... well, Lucy, now you have 10 little darlings to look after. Wonder who's going to be more tired; you or foster Momma?

Any idea of breed mix? No lighter coloured ones like Lucy.

I admire your energy Jean! Congrats. The waiting is over.

Jean said...

Well, it's pretty obvious the father wasn't a Newfy as we'd feared. It's hard to tell with young pups - at this age breeds look so alike - but I'm guessing either pitti or staffy or boxer based on the colour patterns, but I could be way off. Probably a mixed breed - or several. (Pups from one litter can have different dads).
I think there are five brindle, three beautiful browns, one black, and one who is close to Lucy's colour but a bit more browny-goldy-red.

Karen said...

They're precious...well done, Lucy and Jean!

Sheryl said...

Great job, everyone!

Are Charley and Sadie wanting to get into the room, now, to see what is going on?

And has Allie packed her knapsack, yet, ready to move to someone (anyone!) else's house until this is over? LOL

Bree S. said...

Oh goodness, aren't they all just precious?

Way to go, Lucy! And Jean! That's a big litter and you both have done amazing. Those puppies sure look healthy and roly-poly, as they should! :D

I cannot wait to see them as they grow. I am happy the father wasn't a Newfie (Poor Lucy!) but I definitely think there must be some bully breed in their due to the pups coloring, but it's hard to say because they could have inherited it from Momma Lucy is she has any bully in herself.
So exciting! :)

Caroline said...

they are gorgeous! Perfect little pups!
such sweet faces and little sharp nails!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations to Lucy for being such a good mommy, and Jean - to you for being the uber-foster mom.

I'm sure Lucy being in a comfortable home where she could relax made this whole experience a lot easier for her.

Jean, you're gonna have a full house again! Except these little ones aren't in the barn outside!



Anonymous said...

Look what happens when I'm away from my computer for a couple of days! Congratulations Lucy, Jean and Auntie Sadie! Welcome puppies! And my condolences to Charley and Allie -- you will have your happy home back to "normal" at some point.

Anonymous said...

A job well done Jean..Lucy is VERY lucky to be with you..I am so sorry about the loss of one puppy..

Janice Gillett said...

Great Job Jean , they all look so healthy!!! Way to go Lucy!!

Alphamutt said...

Well Jean, if you decide that "retirement"isn't really for you, a new career as a Douala/Midwife could be in your future.

Welcome, sweet little ones. You have landed in a very safe place. Jean, you are nutz! 10 puppies!! Thank God for the nutz in this world.