Monday, October 4, 2010

Puppy Night in Canada

The snack bar

Back Sleeper - just like his mom!

Snuggle Pups

Lucy still has the liquid poops, despite the stuff the vet sent over, but at least they are not quite as frequent now. She is being fed rice, broth, and tonight I added a bit of boiled chicken and a tsp of pumpkin. I hope she will firm up tomorrow, as she really needs to be able to get back onto a higher protein diet to support all those pups. She's quickly becoming skin and bones. In fact, she virtually slipped right out of her collar today, she has lost that much weight.

The good news is that her milk has finally come in and the puppies are nursing voraciously. I'm rotating them to make sure the little ones get what they need and trying to avoid supplementing for a couple of days to get the milk flow well established. Of course, the flip side of that is Lucy needs more calories herself, which is difficult when everything goes right through her. But I hope we shall all get a bit more sleep tonight.

The photos at the top of this entry were taken this evening - I love how the puppies pair off and snuggle up together all over the box!

And here's a few of my favourites from some that Sue took:

Puppy in Hamper

Pile of Puppies

Crawling Explorers

The Black Sheep - er, puppy.

Hello World!


Anonymous said...

They sure are a cute bunch and I'm so glad that Lucy's milk is flowing.
Hopefully Lucy's trots will also be over soon. Have you tried chopped up hard boiled egg. That also helps with firmness.


ruth said...

Oh, my! What piles of cuteness!
So glad to hear that the milk came in and puppies at least are happier. Hopefully all will even out for Lucy as well. I often try adding some mashed banana as well, my dogs LOVE it (even the hard to please one) and it does add to firming up things.

Jean, you are doing an admirable job of taking care of the bunch! Hope you got some rest?!

turtlegardens said...

what we do for a momma like Lucy with a big litter and runny poops is bake a salmon to "charge " her up. Mind you we live in salmon country and a lot are donated to us during round ups. But something in the salmon really turns our slightly off dogs around. Just a thought.