Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Emma

Today is my Emma’s fourth birthday. She was my first heart dog, and will always hold a chunk of my heart. You can read her story here.

Emma, my bouncy, sweet, eternally puppyish girl, I miss you being part of my daily life so very much. You are still as crazy as you were at six months – so much energy, so many wiggles, so determined to play fetch until you can fetch no more.

I see you have been jumping the fence. I know you are lonely and bored out in the back yard all by yourself from the wee small hours of the morning until dinner time. I’m grateful the neighbours let their dog over to play with you sometimes, and that you have a well insulated dog house that you happily use (though I’m not crazy about the electric cord your dad has installed, which I think leads to a heat lamp- such a fire hazard in a doghouse full of straw).

I worry about you constantly – why a young dog would pant sooooo hard after just a few chases of the ball, whether you are wandering onto the road when you jump the fence, whether you are on a healthy food and getting the exercise and training you need. I wish you were here. I wish your dad would let you spend more time with me and not just a half hour once a month. It just is not enough.

You would drive my old crew crazy, but oh! you would love the yellow lab pup Tina just down the road. She is so like you! And you would love to run in the pasture every day and to play fetch in my huge yard. You would love to go swimming at the doggy pool and join Kelly and your old daycare buddies on their long hikes in the woods. And, oh, how you would love the dikes! And you would love to sleep on my bed once again. And I would love to have you there.

For your birthday, I wish you health, and fun, and love. I wish you a person to snuggle and a canine pal for company. And I wish you a guiding spirit, an angel on your shoulder, to keep you forever safe from harm. I love you Ems. You are forever in my heart. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. I’ll see you again next week.


shihtzustaff said...

A wonderful Birthday wish for a very good dog.

Anonymous said...

This post made my heart hurt.

But I wish you a happy 4th birthday, Emma. You know how much your mom loves you and I echo her prayers for your safety and happiness.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Ditto, Anonymous. You said it well.

Happy Birthday,Emma! You are loved.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma.
My wish for both you and your Mom is that you get to spend permanent time together.


Squally Reach said...

She looks healthy and happy, and I'm sure she has, at the very least, an average dog's life. Probably better, with that big back yard. Don't sweat it.

Jean said...

Ah, but don't confuse what happens a lot (average) with what is best for the dog! While it is true that Emma has it much better than the thousands of dogs who live their lives at the end of chains, or who are never allowed in the house, or who merely exist in the horrendous conditions of puppy mills, dogs are pack animals and being outside alone for twelve hours a day, day after day, is not in the dog's best interest. For a social butterfly like Emma, who was used to people and dogs around her much of the time, it must be confusing at best. It is a situation which could so easily be corrected.