Saturday, December 20, 2008

Handsome Dude

Oliver would like everyone to see how snazzy he looks in his Christmas bowtie. The girls are not being quite so cooperative with their photoshoots.

It is minus 17 outside my back door this morning, and the official temperature (taken on the other side of the valley floor) is minus twelve. I see the fast-flowing creek has completely frozen over now, and I am beginning to worry that my shallow well may freeze also though I have left the bathroom tap running in hopes of preventing the pump from icing up.

Checking the weather site, I see there is a snowfall warning of 15-20 cm for this region, plus an Arctic outflow warning - so cold, windy, blizzard conditions starting tonight if the forecasters are correct.

May Oliver's photo warm your heart, if not your hands and feet!


Black Jack's Carol said...

Handsome dude for sure! -10 here (backdoor thermometer) and I thought that was insane. I'm a bit worried for you and your gang, but figure as long as you're taking pictures, things are manageable - so keep posting! Hope that forecast is wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

This weather is bad. bad. bad.

I live in the Fraser Valley for a reason and it's because it is T- E- M - P - E - R- A - T - E --

Not this year. Me and mine are just fine. But am worried sick about outside animals.

On a happier note -- Crystal thinks Oliver is very handsome and if she wasn't almost 14, might be interested in a love affair with him....


Anonymous said...

Oliver you are one dashing dude.
It's quit snowing for now but we have quite a dump during the night.