Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Back in Business!

The camera arrived from my friend a couple of days ago, and today I discovered my computer has a memory card slot so I don't have to special order a cable, and so I'm back in business.

It's final exam time so I'm bogged down with work, but thought I'd post these pictures of Wednesday night's sunset, seen from my front yard looking across the road and fields to the southwest.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Well, it's great to have you back in business, and very beautiful sunset photos too! The colors in your first photo looked so similar to the ones I took on Thursday, I had to go back and check to make sure I wasn't mistaken about the day mine were taken.

Hope the final exams won't be too stressful. Ours are next week, and the best part is the break that follows them:)

Jean said...

You might be correct, Carol - I'm short on sleep and have my days all mixed up this week, now that classes are over. Perhaps it was Thursday!

I wish we had a break to look forward to - by the time my last exam is marked and my materials for next semester into printing, it will be Dec. 24th; with a new semester starting January 5th and a new course to prep by then (or at least, one I haven't taught for several years and where my old text is no longer in print) my work will be cut out for me between Christmas and New Years.

The rewards, of course, is that our courses are finished at the end of April, while you are still slaving away until June! LOL

Black Jack's Carol said...

Ah.. I see we're not on the same calendar after all. For some reason, at my school, we are getting the longest Xmas break ever (finish Dec.12 and back to work Jan 2). The last few semesters, I've been able to do full time music, so I have a much easier load (more rehearsals but no correcting), but I've been there when teaching English, social studies, etc on top of the music. And I teach a summer semester (May through July) so you'll be able to LOL all the more at the end of April:)