Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dogs in Snow

I was taking random shots of the dogs in the pasture this afternoon during a very brief lull in the snow which has fallen steadily most of the day. Here's some of my favourites:

There is a blizzard warning out for our area tonight. The Transcanada Hwy has already been shut down in both directions due to treacherous conditions. I have put a tarp over the inside of the barn door as the snow was blowing right into the stall through the gaps and I had visions of twelve trapped piggies unable to get to their indoor potty area. Martin, the alpaca, is bedded down on the straw inside his shelter, something he only resorts to in the worst of weather. He much prefers to lie outside; I'm glad he has changed his mind tonight.

Stay safe, everyone.

1 comment:

Black Jack's Carol said...

Jean, some beautiful photos there. I especially like the third one.

I hope you and your crew will be okay through this crappy weather. I'm glad internet is working so you can keep us posted.