Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sagacious Sadie's Christmas Poem

Twas the week before Christmas and all round the farm
The critters were starting to sound the alarm.
There’s something afoot, I can tell, I just know.
'Cuz our human is fretting ‘bout a wee bit of snow!
She sez she needs bare roads for daughter to drive
And no ice on the driveway or Grandma might slide.

There’s a tree in the house and a wreath on the door
And lights on the fence and there’s even more…..
There are socks by the fireplace, and gifts ‘neath the tree
And even a wreath where the piggies go pee!

Our mama is baking – she NEVER does that! –
And the smells just distract us from chasing the cat.
Mom’s making up lists, things to do, things to buy,
She’s so busy she needs some wings so she’ll fly.

But early each day we still go on our walk,
And this morning she gave us, each one, the BIG TALK:
“Now Sadie, and Charley, and Oli and Belle,
It’s Christmas quite soon; I’ve a tale to tell.
A long time ago a child came to this earth
He taught us to love, said each critter has worth.

No matter their colour, their size, or their breed,
No matter what species, they all fill a need.
Each critter was made for a reason, you see,
We all have a purpose. Earth’s di-ver-sit-y
Is a blessing, a gift, the most special of all,
And to harm it would be our very downfall.
So send out the message to folks everywhere
That Christmas means love, and love is to share.

It’s not a new gizmo, a gadget, a toy
It’s time spent together, a dog with a boy
A girl with some piggies, a man with a cat;
We’re here for each other, ne’er forget that.

The humans that share this planet with you
Have screwed it up plenty; this makes me quite blue.
They still have to learn how to love and to play
With others no matter their kind, straight or gay
Or Black or Caucasian or differently-abled
They all need to sit ‘round the same Christmas table.

There are people all over who don’t like each other.
They scrap with their neighbour, their kid or their brother;
They try to dictate just who can love whom,
And yet in their hearts, for love there’s no room.
They fight over faith, and they kill over fuel,
And they don’t understand the true meaning of Yule.

It’s Christmas, my puppers, and I wish for this earth
A lot of compassion, each life to have worth;
A deep understanding how every small critter
Is not just a thing to be tossed out like litter.
Every dog needs a home, not a life on a chain,
Not the cold ground for bedding, nor a heart full of pain;
Every human needs loving, every cat needs it too,
And on Christmas I wish that the world could see you.

They would see how forgiving four dogs can be,
How caring, how loving ‘spite a sad history.
They would look in your eyes and see just what I see –
Four dogs whom I love, and four dogs who love me.”

And that, my dear friends, is what mama told me
As we sat in the fields ‘neath a grand Christmas tree.
Please send out this message to folks everywhere:
Christmas means love, and love is to share.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Love, Sadie.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sadie,

You are one special girl... Thank you for reminding us.

Merry Christmas from your friends down the highway.

Kate said...

ohhhh, Sadie what a wise Mama you have, to have told you such a grand story. A beautiful poem Jean.

Merry Xmas from
Kate, Lucy, Finn, and Grayce

Janice Gillett said...

Now that says it all!!!!!!!

Well done Sadie!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I just read this to Bill. He wanted me to tell you he really liked it. Good job, Sadie! What a talented dog!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful! Merry Christmas to you, your Mama and the rest of the critters!
~Joelle & Harry's a new video of Harry for your mama

Anonymous said...

Sadie -this is the best Christmas message we have heard in a long time.

Big Sis & O'Bear

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Else and the gang.