Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disgruntled dogs, Happy human

I finally figured out where to put the Christmas tree, but it meant moving a few dog beds around. The dogs are not pleased.

Belle's favourite bed is now over by the patio doors. She doesn't like that because she prefers a place that allows her to keep an eye on my bedroom, just in case I should get up in the middle of the night and crawl out the window. So she took over Oliver's favourite bed.

Oliver doesn't like that. So he took over Charley's favourite crate.

Charley is not happy. So she took over Sadie's favourite couch.

Sadie doesn't fit in the little dog beds, so she decided she'd have to sleep on my bed.

That makes me happy because I've missed having a dog on the bed. I got a good night's sleep with Sadie stretched out on one side of me and the cat on the other. I was very cozy until Sadie decided to noisily thump to the floor and grumble under her breath in the wee small hours, which made Belle bark, which woke Charley up, who wanted out, which disturbed Oliver, who then chased the cat. We all traipsed outside (minus the cat) and then returned to repeat the round of getting disgrunted dogs into beds that weren't their own.

Probably just about the time they get used to the new set up, Christmas will be over and everything will return to the way it was!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet post!

Lucky dogs to have such comfy choices!