Monday, December 15, 2008

Extreme Makeover:Piggy Edition Final Update

Well, we didn't quite make our goal, but I am very, very happy with our final total of $1308.00! Thank you to all who participated - I know it is a big relief for Janice at Hearts on Noses, and especially for Carport Penny and the rest of the piggies at the sanctuary who will benefit from the new accommodations.

In fact, several pigs are benefitting directly. Carport Penny has made a friend! Pebbles Piggy, whose home and yard is just behind the carport, has decided she would welcome some company, and yesterday found her way into Penny's little fenced area. It looks like they may well be happy sharing space, so the wheels are churning for the best way to reconfigure some yard/shelter/shed/carport space to benefit the two of them.

I should state here that having two adult pigs who are from different herds become friends and share space is the exception rather than the rule, and piggy caregivers can never just throw two pigs together in the same space. Some will never get along and will do great harm to each other. So this turn of events is truly heart-warming and gives Janice the opportunity to rethink some plans. In rescue, that is the name of the game - listening to the animals themselves, and being flexible and adaptable in order to meet their needs in the best possible way.

Meanwhile, the little red shed that we were able to pick up from craigslist, and whose previous owner kindly delivered out to the sanctuary, is now in place and will be used to resolve another problem. Comet, a young, very large potbelly with a very pushy attitude, will be the beneficiary, making life much easier for another pig he was pushing around. Schoolyard bully, that's our Comet, but in a very sweet and funny way. As with Penny and Pebbles, Comet made his needs known and showed us the way; he saw the red house being set up and headed right over to claim it for himself.

You can read all about Penny, Pebbles and Comet at the Hearts on Noses blog, here.

Again, thank you everyone for your help to raise the funds for the house and renos that will give each pig a cosy home and a private yard. Your generosity warms my heart. Blessings and piggy kisses to each one of you.


Beverly- Mal Rescue said...

Jean I will donate the $192 to make your goal in memory of my Jazzy who LOVED ALL CRITTERS!

Merry Xmas to you, Janice and the rest of the critters :)

Both of your dedication to these piggies warms my are very special people.

Jean said...

WOW, Beverly, THANK YOU!!!! That is amazing, and the piggies and I are so very grateful!! Picture 42 piggy tails wiggle-waggling a mile a minute when I tell them we reached our goal!
Hugs to you and the mals. And I just know Jazzy is lifting her big beautiful creamy face and saying "Thanks mom!".

Janice Gillett said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY??????????????? LOL This is so cool of you!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! Just got in and my back is breaking from smashing ice and hand pailing waters and man oh man is this ever a quick snap out of it moment LOL Very very generous of you Bev, so very kind!!!

Penny is a "I can do it myself" kind of pig as far as nest building. I have foam mattress that is in hunks now thanks to her arranging that I piece together and layer blankets on top of it so I don't have to get mad at her for not going on the stupid bed so I can cover her. I have now figured out if I layer them and have a smoke she will eventually start to get right under and then I sort of coax her along to get in and ON TOP of the darn mattress. I then have to reef on the blankets so I can find her flippen nose as she likes to jamb her snout right tight against the blankets. The darn condensation she creates causes the area to get wet. I tell her she is like an igloo that she needs an opening LOL Anyhow once sheeeeeeeeeee has decided she is in the right spot and lays down I grab more blankets and make sure she has lots of layers on her so she can retain her heat. Its a 100 lbs she can't move now hahahahahah

Oh all of you I can't thank you enough and Pennys extreme make over will be udner way soon!!

This was just a fantastic fundraiser and you all have no idea how many garage sales and how hard i have had to work at them all year for this kind of money.

A Christmas miracle our little Shiny Penny brings!!

Kate said...

yaaay for Penny's new house, and a big yaaay for Bev, Jazzy's mom. you Mal people know how to finish off a fundraiser in style !
so I guess the big difference between dog people and piggy people are... well there isn't a difference anymore !
one quick question, if a family is raised in a group, can you adopt only 1 ? (no, just curious )
Kate D.

Jean said...

Kate, are you telling me you can't be talked into adding a piggy to that menagerie of yours?????

To answer your question, while some pigs do okay as solo piggies (especially if they are house pigs from the get go, and strongly bonded to a person who is there a lot), most pigs need piggy companionship. They are herd animals and quite possibly the most "family-oriented" species I have ever met.
That is why we were only willing to adopt Soda's litter out in pairs or more - so they would always have at least one sibling for company and to snuggle up to (as you'll see in my photos!).
This no doubt reduced the number of applications (and ridiculous municipal bans eliminated many others), and so we still have the whole family.
Janice and I recently decided that the herd is too closely bonded to seperate now - they will remain in the care of the sanctuary for life unless a stellar home is interested in adopting all twelve.

I cannot make a lifetime commitment to the herd (I rent this property and will not be able to afford it - or to buy acreage - once I retire), but will continue to foster them until the sanctuary moves to new, larger property hopefully next summer, at which time the whole herd will become permanent residents there.

Of course, Kate, if you'd like to add twelve piggies to your adoptive crew.........?????

Kate said...

If I had the room, I would have loved to adopt the piggies, especially Fizz, who could not love a face like that! I was curious because, when piggy's became a status symbol and were at the height of their popularity, like some breeds of dogs have become over the years, I wondered how people only had just one. thank you so much for showing and sharing these wonderful piggy's with us as well as educating us.
ps. don't forget the dog food place that delivers, they can probably pick up other feed as well.