Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmassy Sort of Day

Ha! Fooled ya! No, we haven't received a big dump of snow......this is an old photo. It just seemed the right photo for the subject of this post!

Today Ellen and I trekked over to the neighbour’s to select our Christmas trees. While standing among the Nobles and Frasers and Grands, I glanced up just in time to see a beautiful young buck gracefully leap over the fence, another close behind. Probably two year olds, they both sported lovely symmetrical racks and beautiful velvety mocha coats. As we carried our trees back to the car, we stood for a few moments to watch them, just feet away, nibbling on the greenery amidst the field of firs. Backdropped with mountains and rolling pasture, it was a Christmas card moment.

Ellen gave me a hand preparing this old house for winter. Built during the Depression from whatever odds and ends could be used to construct walls and window frames and floors, it is an eclectic, crooked, lopsided, funny (and some might say “dumpy”) little home, just big enough for one. Okay, one with a number of critters.
The single pane windows, some of which don’t fit into the less-than-square frames, are drafty and cold. I hate to cover them - - I am a fresh air fanatic, and the slightest bit of sunshine on a winter’s day leaves me desperate to throw open the doors and windows and air the place out. I don’t mind the chill, but environmentally it is not very responsible, and some of my family and friends who visit at this time of year find it downright uncomfortable. I compromise, though, as I leave several windows uncovered. But up went the film on the worst of the offenders. The job went smoothly and quickly, aided with Bailey’s-laced coffee and a handful (okay, two handsful) of excellent German gingerbread cookies.

I have no idea where I will put the tree this year, as more dogs means more dog beds, and less floor space. My daughter and my granddog Becky will be spending Christmas with me while son-in-law visits his family in Austria, so room must be saved for one more dog and human to sleep. And my mom, who will be with me Christmas Day, needs an uncluttered path from kitchen to bathroom to livingroom to accommodate her walker. I shall no doubt hum and haw, and shuffle furniture repeatedly, for the next few days until I figure out a suitable arrangement.

I love the Christmas season – the music, the lights, the tastes and smells of Christmas. The other day, I squeezed in a little Christmas shopping between two medical appointments – I had too much time to waste, but not enough time to go to the office or return home – and I am beginning to bring out the Christmas dishes and decorations. And, as you’ll see from the pictures below, I am already torturing the critters as I try to get that perfect shot for the few Christmas cards I send out.

It’s a Christmassy sort of day. In a world troubled by economic woes, political upheavals, wars and disasters and violence, one needs days like this to feel grounded and to reconnect with the spiritual part of one’s self. And days like today, stolen in the midst of the semester-end bustle, are truly a treat to be savoured. Happy Sunday, everyone.

Whisper, the snouty-nosed reinpig


Santa RobRoy

"Whatever is she doing to me????"

Santa Whisper

"The things I put up with!"

"Santa better bring me sumthin' good fer this!"

"Oh brother! It's that time of year again!"


Anonymous said...

Jean, you are in big trouble, from the looks of those faces!!

I think that your Christmas mood and that of the 4 leggeds that live with you isn't quite the same.

Especially the herding dogs, I think they're saying 'it's very embarassing dress up".

But good for you for getting into the mood of the festive season, I'm not there yet.


Jean said...

Ha ha ...they will get into the spirit of things, Sharon! All it will take is one look at a stocking full of treats and they'll be grinning from ear to ear.

Anonymous said...

What? No Christmas attire for Princess Belle? However did she manage to avoid being caught up in the spirit of the season?


Jean said...

Deb, Princess Belle was busy with something else. Check back here tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!