Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beautiful sunrise, cold weather, frisky dogs

We escaped the snow that fell on much of southwestern BC, but it is bitterly cold out due to a very strong, very cold Arctic wind. I find it mind-numbing, finger-numbing, and bone-numbing. The pigs agree - while they never turn down food, they very quickly rushed back into the sleeping stall to bury themselves in the straw and pull wool blankets over themselves as soon as the meal was over.

"Ten in the bed, and the little one said......."

"Got any breakfast for us, Foster Mama?"

Is that a piggy in there????

Yes, it is!!

The dogs, however, seem to find the cold invigorating - I have never seen them all so active, chasing each other and tearing around the pasture as if they are young pups instead of the arthritic seniors they really are. It was a treat to watch.

Charley takes a flying leap!

(Sorry it's blurry - I haven't figured out the action mode yet!)

Charley invites Oliver to play

Charley and Sadie checking out something in the distance

Three dogs on the trail

Charley and Sadie playing

Charley, happy, happy Charley!

And the sunrise this morning was also a treat to watch - a red blush, shifting to a golden wash, and finally blue sky and snow-sugared mountains.

And in all that cold, the promise of spring:

Here's some video clips of the dogs at play:


Anonymous said...

Frisky dogs in windy, icy weather... same theme for the Whippetboyz out on the dike today. Bundled in their jackets, they raced each other and played with shear abandonment. Their human on the other hand almost got blown off that dike and couldn't get home to hot chocolate and Bailey's fast enough... Brrrrrrrr!


Janice Gillett said...

It is bitterley cold and i lost the top off a spruce here tonight..hope that is it now.

Loved looking at your pigtures and the movies of your happy happy dogs!!

ps good thing Belle was there telling them all how to do it!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I'm thinking you may have snow there today, but Black Jack thanks you for the invite and says we hope to make it some time before the new year. We sure have enough snow here! Bill and I had thought of attending the Saints Xmas party today, but I don't think we'll chance the driving.

I especially love the straw-covered pig photos and the movie clips. Was that Belle heading off along the trail as the others romped?

Jean said...

Still no snow here, Carol, (little happy dance), but bitterly cold and very windy - BRRRRR!!!

The dog trotting off down the trail is Oliver - Belle is the referee barking commands. Both are shelties; Oliver has thick fur while Belle is the scrawny one. Oliver later turned around and came running back to play with Charley.