Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day, Princess Belle!

Fourteen year old Princess Belle joined my crew one year ago today. A scrawny, crippled, deaf little sheltie, bereft of her elderly dad who had recently passed away and his wife who returned to her country of origin to be cared for by family members, I’m sure Belle felt lost and confused.

But she tripped her way into my house, told the two resident dogs (Charley and Caleb) to mind their manners, and immediately became Princess Of All She Surveys. Ever the one to believe she is entitled, she has no qualms about snapping her alligator jaws at dogs three times her size when they block her view of the cookie jar or try to climb into her bed or crate. She also has no qualms about commanding me, her humble servant, to “Get up!”, “Bring dinner!” or “Open this door….NOW!” several times a day. I, of course, do exactly as she has bid.

She walks with head high, her funny little arthritic feet giving her the appearance of a runway model going through her paces just before the big show – dainty little steps, a slight wiggle to the hips, an imperious glance back over the shoulder, slightly shaded eyes peering down the long royal nose. Though only seventeen pounds, she has perfected a “haughty” look that could shrivel a mastiff’s you-know-whats.

Good diet and gentle exercise, along with the occasional acupuncture treatment and some supplements like salmon oil, have loosened up those old joints and she now runs around after the other dogs, refereeing their games and shouting her encouragement in moments when her imperial demeanor is permitted to slip.

I’m so glad you came to live here, Belle. Your feisty attitude and impertinence make me laugh every single day. Who would have thought that a little ankle biter like you could reach right up into my heart and steal a piece of it?

Happy Gotcha Day, Princess Belle.


Anonymous said...

Happy gotcha day to you,
Happy gotcha day to you ...
(Be grateful you can't really hear me.)

Have an extra-special, royally fabulous day Princess Belle.

Your loyal subjects in Langley,
Deb, Riley & co

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Princess Belle, the WhippetBoyz from down the highway also send you their royal Woofs and Roos on this royally special day.

Sorry our Mom forgot the liver treats yesterday. We'll make up for it next time.

Kinley and Cisco and their servant Auntie E.

Anonymous said...

Dear Precious Princess Belle,

We wish you a very happy one-year-at-your-new-home-anniversary, you are obviously having a good time, and we are so happy for you!

And Jean,

Thank you for all the care you have given this sweet little old Sheltie. Her love for you shines in her eyes....

Sharon & Crystal

Black Jack's Carol said...

A post worthy of her highness. That photo is perfect. What a beauty you are Belle! I especially love the runway model image.

Janice Gillett said...

Love your bling Princess Belle!! You lucky girl!!!!!!!!

Patience-please said...

Happy late gotcha day and everyday to you, beautiful Belle!

wags from the whippets and their servant