Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Winter has hit with a vengeance! The snow started falling in the wee small hours, and this morning we have a good foot of the white stuff and it is still falling thick and furious. I shoveled a walking path to the barn and to the pasture gate in order to feed the animals, but by the time the chores were done it was well covered again. Even the dogs are not impressed. Belle took three steps into the outdoors and decided she would just hang out underneath the car while the other dogs did their business:

My daughter (who obviously inherited her mother's brains AND sense of caution!) had the foresight to change her plans yesterday - she took an extra day off work, got her rental car a day early, and high-tailed it out here ahead of the storm. She and her dog, Becky, will be here for at least a couple of days - more if the plow doesn't clear the roads. So neither she nor I will be alone for Christmas Day.

My mom, on the other hand, will remain at her seniors' residence until the weather improves. Even if the local roads were passable (which they currently are not) it is simply too risky to travel over an hour in each direction for a person with multiple handicaps. We shall have a Christmas celebration once the roads are safe for travel - hopefully some time in the next week.

My daughter and I shall read some good books, watch a movie or two, play some board games, and try to keep five bored dogs happy. It is definitely going to be a White Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Yes smart daughter...everyone seems snowed in! We are up here too. We also will not be spending Christmas with my mother in Chilliwack either which I feel badly about as she will be alone if my brother still plans on going up country. ( I think he is crazy but hey!) I think lots of folks will be snow bound tomorrow so we shall all sit back and count our blessings and relax and plan on when we can all get together with families for the day..HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HLIDAY SEASON JEAN WITH YOUR DAUGHER AND THE CRITTERS.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Well, Jean, caution does make sense. I know you will enjoy this time with your daughter, and hope it won't be too long before you can do the delayed celebration with your Mother. I loved the picture of Belle under the car and the ones yesterday of your precious pigs. I keep hoping for rain, but as you said, a white Christmas doesn't seem to be in doubt!