Sunday, November 30, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Piggy Edition - Update #2

Just a quick report (one day late due to computer and potential mail theft problems):

Janice has determined that her box was not affected by the mail theft and all known cheques have been accounted for - whew! I posted two weeks ago, and again last week, I am trying to raise $1500 for Carport Penny's house and yard at Hearts on Noses Sanctuary. And tonight, our grand total in monies received and pledged is:

D R U M R O L L:

Yes! We are almost there! Please, please, please.... if you haven't already made a donation head over to the Hearts on Noses website to donate through paypal or send me an email at the contact on the side of this blog and I'll send you the mailing address for the snail mail. Every donation helps, no matter what amount!

And......we got a good deal on a pretty red piggy house, thanks to an alert blog reader and a nice seller who delivered it, intact, to Hearts on Noses. It may work for Carport Penny, or Janice may make a few changes for an end result that is best for all the piggies - some have different needs from others for space, location, etc. But with $1500 we will certainly have Penny in her own warm, dry little house and keep all the other piggies happy and safe too.

A huge thanks to all who have donated so far!

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Janice Gillett said...

An Incredible amount thanks to you and your blog followers for all of your VERY generous support.!!

My stress level wait a minute what stress?? ;o)))

Thank you all so very very much!!