Friday, October 31, 2008


I won't write "Happy" in front of the word Hallowe'en, as I know that this is not a happy day for many critters out there - strangers at their door, voices in the street, and worst of all, firecrackers going off around them.

Firecrackers terrify many dogs. Every Hallowe'en I hear of yet another dog or two or three who "never runs" "never leaves the yard" "always comes when called" who ran, broke out of the yard, and didn't come when called. No matter HOW sure you are that your dog will not bolt and cannot get out of your yard, please keep your dog on leash at all times this afternoon and this evening - when you take him/her out for a pee AND when you open the door to children. It only takes a split second for your pet to be spooked and bolt.

Even if firecrackers and fireworks are illegal in your community, you know that some kids will still be setting them off. Try giving a little Rescue Remedy (available from most health food stores and some drug stores) and turning up the volume on the television in the room where your dog is spending her/his time today.

I can't help but feel concern for Misty, who is still missing in the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge area. She bolted at the sound of a gun last Sunday; tonight will be terrifying for her.

Edited to add:
This just in - an update from Jim:
Misty was spotted Thurs 6pm about one mile west of where she was spotted three
days ago. She was trying to cross over the Lougheed Hwy (4 lanes 80kmh)westbound at the Golden Ears Chrysler dealership at Tamarack Ln and Lougheed, which is one block east of 232 St. The reason she was crossing was Kanaka Creek goes under the Lougheed Hwy there and she cannot get back across the creek without going over it on the Lougheed Hwy or on the CP main line trestle. She appears to want to head back to where she came from which I believe are via CP tracks. The woman that called me almost hit her on the Lougheed Hwy and there was another woman parked at Tamarack Ln trying to call her off the highway. She would not come to the woman that was calling her. She was last seen heading north from the Lougheed Hwy up Tamarack Ln. We rushed out there tonight and went up there but a few blocks away they had a fireworks display go off which had huge air bangs, which were way louder than what spooked her in the first place. Don’t know where she is going to be tomorrow but six of us are going to spread out around the
area and call her and put more posters up. The good news is she is still
alive and has not traveled too far in the last three days. The first day she
went about 10 miles and she only went about one mile in the last three days.

So close to being safe, and then the fireworks...... Please, Great Spirit, guide Misty to safety this morning.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh! I did write Happy Halloween on my blog, because I know so many kids (and one adult) who LOVE it. But, why oh why can't we think of the critters and forget about the damn fireworks???

My heart is hopeful for Misty. I wish there was some way I could help, but will keep sending my best positive vibes to her and Jim. Thanks for updating!

Wonderful blog, Jean. I loved the photos from your window.

Anonymous said...

Yes Thank doG it is over for another year. We made it through all the noise. Thankfully none of my dogs are bothered by by firecrackers and the cats crawled onto my bed and also slept through it.