Friday, October 10, 2008

The morning walk

Please join us on our morning walk!

The sun is just rising, lighting up the frosty fields:

With the falling leaves, we can see the mountains in the distance. Soon we will be able to see a ring of mountains surrounding our home:

It’s cold out – the piggies’ water has frozen:

Scotch stays under his new blanket as he munches his grain.

But soon the pigs are all outside, enjoying the crabapples from the neighbour’s tree.

The dogs head out to the pasture, hot on the trail of the Brazen Coyote.

Aha! Coyote dug a hole to try to reach a poor little vole.

The frost on the golden grasses turns the field to a veil of lace.

We stop to admire the llamas next door.

Off and running – Charley tries to engage Sadie in a game of tag.

Homeward bound:

Time to go pick up Oliver and have a chat with his vet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
I'm glad Oliver's surgeries went well,and I guess at home by now recovering with you and his new critter family. I loved the morning walk post. The poor piggies, it must be getting very cold for them.
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


Janice Gillett said...

Scotch looks very handsome in blue and love his healthy shiny bristles.

Anonymous said...

Lovely picturres Jean of a beautiful morning walk.
Scotch does look very cozy.