Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

My all-too-short-sleep was interupted twice last night by the bump...crash...thump...MEOW!..bump..crash...thump...YOWL!...
bump...crash....MEOW...thump, caused by THIS:

Allie and Oliver, the middle of the night is NOT the time to play games, especially noisy ones. And Allie, the bathtub was a silly place to hide. It's your own fault that Oliver shoved you in with his cone - you shouldn't have made fun of him, let alone stuck your face in his funnel.

(Oh, how I wish I had been awake enough to snap that last image - alas, my reflexes are a wee bit slow at 3:00 AM and all I got was one big blur).


Janice Gillett said...

You must have that camera attached to you, or do you have one in every corner?? lol

Jean said...

Ha ha - Janice, my house is so small that when I see a photo op in the making, I just stretch and grab the camera!
Of course, Allie is often quicker than I am - hence, I miss some of the absolutely best shots of her, like sticking her face in Oliver's cone, or smelling Sadie's paws, or peering at Charley's teeth - all things she's done in the last day or two.
And most times when I'm outside, the camera IS in my pocket!

Anonymous said...


Thanks Jean for a chuckle tonight. Am so glad to hear Oliver is feeling well enough to bug Allie (she deserves it).

Too bad it cost you a good night's rest....


Susan said...

Hi Neighbour,
Just another Maple Ridge Blogger here. Stumbled across yuor blog. I love your photos!