Saturday, October 4, 2008

I went to a birfday party!

By Oliver

Today I gots to go to my new grandma's 90th birfday party. It was a pic-nic in a really pretty place called Williams Park. I think I like pic-nics!

My new sisters were a bit pissed off cuz they didn't get to go, just me an' my pal Becky who lives wiv my mom's growned-up kid. Becky's nice. She waz wearin' a funny cone on her head and a boooootiful purple rubber boot on her paw cuz she hurts herself an' had to have suuuurgery. My mama sez I am having some suuurgery this Thursday. I hope I get a booootiful purple boot! I dontz want a cone though - it looks silly! Becky's mama took this photo of her in her cone:

Heeheee. Sowwy, Becky! If your mama sends my mama a photo of your booootiful purple rubber boot, I will post that photo too.

The weather was 'posed to be rainy but it was not too bad. I gotz to go for some walks an' I didn't get wet. The pic-nic waz in a very nice shelter wiv a biiiigggg fireplace. My mama built a really nice fire in it and we were all toasty warm an' it waz pretty to look at too.

And I gotz lots of attention from my grandma an' my auntie an' other hooman relatives. I was a very, very, very good boy. I never barked once or did anyfing I wazn't 'posed to do.

The best part waz the yummy food! I got raw cawwots an' brocollis an' celery an' strawbleberries an' all sorts of fruits and veggies which I loves. I even gots a bit of cheese an' meat.

My mama took lots of pickchures but most of them haz peeples in them an' my mom likes to pro-tect peeple's privacy so she don't post pickchures of peeples on her blog, at least not ones of peeples' faces. But here is one of me looking adoringly at my mama's great-niece (my grandma's great-grandaughter). She's five years old, I fink. Her name is Kaia - izn't that the prettiest name you've ever heard??? It's pronounced ky-ah! She's as pretty as her name an' real smart too. She can write really nicely an' she can play moosic an' do lots an' lots of neat stuff.

She dozn't like dogs much though, so I didn't get to play wiv her. How can anyone not like dogs?????? Um, well, I could unnderstand a liddle kid not liking rambunctious or barking or growly dogs...... but how can anyone not like meeeeeee?????????? I mean, look at me! Do I look scawy to you?

Anyway, I had a vewy nice day an' so did my new grandma, an' now I am sooooo tired I am going to have a vewy looooong nap an' then go to bed.

Yours truly,

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