Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The week can only get better......

Monday was not one of the critters' best days around here. It was pouring rain so the piggies were grumpy and wouldn't even go outside to go potty (anyone wanna clean out the barn for me?????). Martin the Alpaca, on the other hand, didn't want to stay inside his nice waterproof little shelter, so he got soaked and muddy and miserable.

The bears tromped through the front yard at 5:00 AM, sending Sadie into a frenzy of barking and a frantic attempt to claw her way through the patio doors, waking up the whole household a half hour earlier than need be.

Oliver had to make an unexpected trip to the vet as one of his testicles suddenly swelled right up. He was not in pain, but one testicle is the size of an egg, and that is cause for concern. Unneutered dogs are at high risk for reproductive-system problems such as prostate cancer in their senior years. He will be getting neutered on Thursday when his other surgery is done.

Both Sadie and Charley had the runs and vomiting from the moment I got home - mostly outside but Sadie managed to decorate the living room carpet rather copiously.

Even Belle is fidgeting and chasing her tail as if something is bugging her (no, she doesn't have fleas), though I can't see any problem other than a flair up of her dermatomyositis on her nose.

And I am up to my ying-yang in marking, preparing midterms, and trying to keep on top of lecture material (it's a losing battle). It occurred to me that I have twice as many students this semester as I had last semester - I am soooo ready to retire!

So, the good news is....


Cheryl said...

Hope it does get better for you Jean. At least it all happened in one day!! Reading about your visitors.. yesterday I heard a racket and looked out my window and saw a bobcat running thru my yard chasing a squirrel and then bam another jumped up on the fence and joined in the chace..Wow..Panda was barking her fool head off. Amber my kitty was yowling away..she hates other cats. Caymus is deaf so didn't do much....we had the Mom here a couple of times this summer but didn't realize there was a litter. Squirrel got away...kitties leapt back over the fence. God they are the most beautiful creatures!

Anonymous said...

Dear Oliver,

We're sorry you need surgeries, hope nothing is seriously wrong, and that you recover quickly.

Dear Other Critters,

Please be good for your Mom, she has a lot on her plate right now.

Sharon and Crystal

Janice Gillett said...

How is everyone today Jean?

Jean said...

The black and whites seem fine; the shelties are okay too - Oliver is still swollen but in no pain.
Piggies got treats; Martin came up for an extra meal to make up for one he missed yesterday; I'm still swamped.