Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Now THAT'S Brazen!

As I was about to enter the pasture with the dogs this morning, I scanned the fields to make sure Brazen Coyote was not hanging around. My eyes rested on something nondescript lying on my bench at the top of the rise. Had I left my jacket there yesterday when I sat to meditate and enjoy the view?

No way - yesterday was pouring rain. Perhaps I had left a sweater or coat there on the previous day. Leaving the dogs in the yard, I wandered up the path through the pasture. As I neared the foot of the hill, the "jacket" sat up - Brazen Coyote!! Taking a nap on MY bench! In MY favourite spot!!

I continued up the trail, and he hopped off. Sitting up straight (such a beautiful animal!) he watched me advance before he sauntered off through some bent wires in the fence to the trees beyond.

I returned for the dogs, and watched as Sadie, Charley and Oliver (yes, Oliver! he's obviously feeling much better today, thank you) raced through the pasture and up the hill. Princess Belle took her own sweet time, stopping to investigate every leaf, every smell. Holding my position in the middle, I suddenly noticed Brazen had doubled back through the neighbour's field and was now eyeing Belle with interest.

I called the other three and ran back toward Belle, and together we made our way home. Obviously I need a new strategy for morning walks, yet with shorter hours of daylight seperate trips for fast dogs and slow dogs is problematic. And securely fencing (with impenetrable fencing to keep coyote out) all five rented acres is just not in the budget.

Oh, Brazen, what are we going to do about you? As a kindred spirit, I understand the pleasures of the pasture and the bench at the top of the rise. I will share, but please leave the pasture for me for an hour in the morning and evening so the dogs can safely have a run.

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