Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday Flicks

I've never understood what draws people to the theatre, where the seats are uncomfortable, the volume too loud, the screen blocked by others, and the people around you obnoxiously sniffing and munching and talking and coughing.

Television is little better, with annoying advertisements in which someone screams at the viewer about low prices, or women flaunt their (hetero)sexuality in exchange for a glass of beer. Then there's the steady stream of so-called (un)reality shows that practically make me gag, and the continual screaming and yelling of dramas and sitcoms.

It is so much more restful and entertaining to watch the dogs rather than commericial media. Ellen and the whippet boys were over for our usual Friday Night Beer and Food Fest, and then we chatted companionably in front of the now-working natural gas fireplace with the six dogs. (Of course, I was probably annoying the heck out of Ellen with my attempts to capture the mood on film - or computer chip - but she is too polite to tell me to "Stop that!!"! )

Here's a few of my favourite images:

Sadie and Kinley spent the evening curled up together on the couch:

I love the way Kinley uses Sadie's tail as a pillow!

Who me?

Oliver is so photogenic:

And so is Kinley:

One relaxed Sadie:

And one image from earlier in the day, when the dogs and I finally got out in the pasture for a walk:


Anonymous said...

Auntie Jean, we luvz coming to your houz and visiting our good frendz and barkin at the piggies and the paca. We luv the treats we getz an all the toys in da basket. I speshly luv Belle's bed though... an I've become quite good at tellin her, haven't I???

Sir Kinley Whippet

Jean said...

Sir Kinley, I think you should stick to napping on the couch with Sadie, rather than booting the Princess out of her bed. She may graciously allow it right now, but her feminist mama is coaching her on the art of assertiveness and one day she will stand her ground!