Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bits and pieces

Just a short post as I'm up to my eyeballs with work. Oliver is doing fine (oohhhh, he is SUCH a sweet boy! I am so in love with him!), though his boy parts are still swollen which is a bit of a cause for concern. He returns to the vet Saturday for another checkup. Ellen came over Sunday to remove his bum stitches, and everything there has healed up really nicely. He must be feeling better as he runs and dances his way down the pasture, having the time of his life.

The rain has held off, so we are all a wee bit happier. I picked up some more tarps on the weekend to cover things inside the barn. Hopefully we will find someone who can put the humungous outside tarps up on the barn roof and tack them down with strips of wood.

The days are getting so short! I am not looking forward to the end of daylight savings time - it is already dark when I feed in the morning and almost dark when I feed at night. It becomes more difficult to give the dogs a proper walk in the safety of the pasture or to give the piggies their pasture time on days that I have classes. Spring can't come fast enough for me. Too bad we have winter between fall and spring!

I haven't seen Brazen Coyote since Saturday morning - I don't know if he has moved on, or if young Master Buck became a very filling feast for him, reducing the need to hunt mice and voles in my pasture. I haven't seen Master Buck or any of the local deer or bear since last week either.

Here's a few pictures from the other day:

Piggies in pasture:

Martin needs his bangs trimmed!:

Charley, enjoying a rest in the pasture:

Charley and Oliver holding a conference (and Belle objecting!):

The fall colours are amazing - I saw the most glorious brilliant yellow tree on my way home today, and a whole yard of multi-coloured reds and salmons and yellows and oranges yesterday. With the sun shining on them, they are absolutely breathtaking. I think I should start taking my camera in the car with me!

Back to the books.

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Anonymous said...

Love your last shot of the dogs having a "conference". And bossy Belle nearby!

Also agree about the amazing fall colors, we live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Please do keep us posted about Oliver's recovery, hoping he's 100% soon.