Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holding Oliver in my heart

Today is Oliver's surgery day, and I greet it with some trepidation. He has a strong heart and clear lungs and his blood tests show no problems but he is, after all, thirteen years old with some unknown back end problems.

The vet has reserved six hours just for him. The goal is to remove the loose and abscessed teeth, to remove the anal glands, to remove or at least closely examine some other possible perianal tumours, to neuter him, and if he is still doing okay under anesthetic and those procedures haven't taken too long, to clean whatever teeth remain. The priority will be the back end, especially urgent since the discovery of one very enlarged testicle which will be sent to pathology for examination.

I have just taken him for his early morning walk around the yard. It is barely above freezing, with a heavy frost and a beautiful starlit sky. I took him by myself while the other dogs slept and I told him about the upcoming day. And I assured him that every person who reads this blog today will think healing, happy thoughts for him.

May the spirit that guides my life guide my vet's hand today, may Oli's guardian angels watch over him, and may my boy soon be back home recuperating in his favourite spot by my feet.

Oliver, I will hold you in my heart until I can once again hold you in my arms.


Anonymous said...

You both have an HUGE army of friends rooting for you today. Hoping that all will be well...

Ellen, Kinley and Cisco

Anonymous said...

We also wish Oliver happy, healing thoughts. We wish you the best Oliver and we know you will be fine.
Jean also calming thoughts go out to you.
Love Else, Archie,Hugo and Sophie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jean - just want you to know you and Oliver are in my thoughts and prayers ... I'm sending him lots and lots of healing white light! Take care,


mike said...

surrounding you both with positive thoughts and lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Prayers for Oliver that all goes smoothly today, and for a quick recovery.

Sharon and Crystal

Anonymous said...

Jean and Oliver,

We are sending you lots of warm thoughts, healing white light and our prayers. Sarah, with her Portuguese heritage, has a direct line to the Big doG so she'll put in a good woof.

Eleanor & Sarah

turtlegardens said...

Positive thoughts and heartfelt prayers are sent to you. From all of us in the colder north!

Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts coming your way Oliver!

Here's a video I took of my pig Harry that I thought you might enjoy. October 7th was his "Gotcha Day" so I made him a cake...all for himself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
Hope it all went well for oliver today. Sending healing thoughts your way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

Just letting you know that Oliver is in our thoughts. We know you'll be just fine, good boy. Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way. And a hug for a worried Mama! ;)


Jean said...

Joelle, thanks for the link to Harry's video - that sure made me smile! Happy (belated) Gotcha Day, Harry - what a lucky pig you are!!
He sure looked like he was enjoying that cake!