Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Uh oh......we's in BIG TWOUBLE!!!

Ummmm......we finks we is in BIG twouble!!! Reawwy BIG twouble!!!! Our Foster Mama is NOT happy wiv us tonight. No siree. Not one widdle bit.

Foster Mama stayed up vewy vewy vewy late last night, till two-firty, marking papers. Then she gots up again this morning early cuz she forgots to tell Belle not to sound the sheltie alarm at o-dark-firty like she always does. So Foster Mama was pretty tired all day today. An' she went to the unityversity to teach an' it waz gettin' late an almost dark an' we waz hungry. It was 'way past our dinner time. But we fixed that. We helpeded ourselves!

When Foster Mama camed home, she let the dogs out of the house and then headed to the barn. She heard us before she saw us. Or she heard us before she saw this:

An' this:

Those garbage bins was all fulls, waitin' to go to the dump. They nots full no more - we waz doin' her a favour!!!! We emptied them an ate up as much as we coulds. Now she won't hafta pay to dump them! We even licked all the papers clean!
We also ates up the nice big watermelons that were hidin' in the big Wubbermade totes:

An we ates a tote an' a half of apples too:

Umm....we dids dent some big tins that held tweets, an' got the lids off the alpaca food an' even off one of our grain bins, so I guess we made a bit of a mess. But we cleaned it up by dumping a five gallon pail of water on the floor to wash away the watermelon and apple joose.

Foster Mama isn't sure how we got out into the main part of the barn from our stall, cuz our gate was still latched. We didn't tell her that we wiggleded it opens and then we pusheded it shut again wiv our cute little patooties.

We was scared when Foster Mama came in, even though she didn't yell at us. She just groaned. Loudly. An' groaned some more. An' said "Ohhhhh you piggies! What have you done???!!!".
We all ran in every direction but we couldn'ts get back into our pen 'cuz every time Foster Mama opened it, sumbody would crash around an' bump it shut again. Foster Mama couldn't get it to stay open 'cuz of all the containers we'd spread around everywhere. We was panicky. One of us even twied to climb through the slats. He jumped up onto these two split rails which is a foot above the floor.

He gots stuck!!!! Foster Mama was vewy scared he was gonna break a leg, but he managed to get hisself outta there and we was all standing on all four legs later so she thinks he's okay.

When Foster Mama moved the tubs an got the gate to the stall open, Mama Soda stood there and waited while all us liddle piggies raced back to safety. These three of my bruvers were the last to go in - they was in the furthest corner of the barn and vewy scared. They was tryin to be brave an' to pretend they didn't do nuffin':

"Wasn't us! Reawwy!!! We didn't do nuffin'!"

But foster mama gave them lots of room and they raced back to the stall and then Mama Soda told us we should ask nicely for our dinner.

Foster Mama said "NO DINNER FOR YOU!!!!" so we all stood vewy, vewy, vewy still and were very quiet while she fumbleded around in the dark trying to clean up the mess.

Martin is mad at us cuz he didn't get no dinner since it was all dark in the pasture an' he had given up an' gone back to his favourite campin out spot. The dogs is mad at us cuz they didn't get to go out in the pasture cuz it was vewy dark when Foster Mama waz finished. Foster Mama is mad at us cuz we made a lot of work an' we scared her an' besides she was wearin' her most favouritist light tan cotton pants an they not very light tan no more.
Foster Mama sat on a container an' looked at us through the slats.

After a liddle while, we said

"You still mad at us, Foster Mama????"

An' then we said

"We's vewy sowwy Foster Mama."

We saw a liddle smile on her face an' then she laughed an' we laughed ha ha ha and then she got us some food and put us all to bed. And that was our vewy adventurous day.

Don't tell foster mama..tee hee.....but....tee hee hee....Bwhaaa haaa hhhaaaaaa...


An' now we hear her comin out of the shower so we best gets back to bed and go to sleeps. G'night All.

Love, Toddy, Fizzy, Lizzie, Rickey, RobRoy, Whisper, Tom, Spritzer, Swizzle, and Derby (an our mama and papa, Scotch and Soda).


L-Dawg said...

Naughty piggies! Nutmeg says she's impressed though. The teamwork must have been pretty impressive!

Hope you get a good, proper sleep tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Nutmeg should come visit us! And bring her new bruver too! An you can meet our new bruver, Oliver!
We likes visitors! Specially if they brings foods!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmm, how come WE didn't get invited to your party??????????????????????? We could have brought a few friends too.

K & C.

Janice Gillett said...

Gosh they are so cute!!!!! LOL Sorry Jean i know the feeling when a extra major chore has been created... but there is something about pigs that for some reason you just can't get or is is stay mad at them LOL Those little rascels...